Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life Is a Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes

I was soooo excited when the first of the cherry tomatoes turned red in my garden. I had been watching over all the tomato plants...happy to see the beefsteaks, romas, early girls, and yellow boys getting bigger and bigger. The problem was, they just kept staying green! Then finally, one day, I went out there, watering, weeding, and glanced up to notice a little glint of red. It was a teeny cherry tomato! I think I squealed. Hi neighbors! That was back in late June...and ever since the cherry tomatoes have been blushing into ripeness every day! The other tomatoes are coming along quite nicely fact...I'm going to can the first few jars tomorrow. Hubby just went in the garage and pulled down the giant waterbath canner. We are ready, tomatoes! But in the meantime, I can't can cherry tomatoes and I've had ooodles and oooodles of cherry tomatoes to pick...pop in my mouth fresh off the vine...toss into salads...snack on with ranch dressing...oh my...what was I going to do with all of them? What a great problem to have. Ahhh, I love summer.

I grew my cherry tomatoes from seed back in March.
Today's harvest.
I finally decided to try tossing these guys into some linguine. We loved it! I made this linguine with a little olive oil, butter, a splash of Italian dressing, the cherry tomatoes halved, and some steamed broccoli. Plenty of parmesan cheese and basil made it perfect. Two yums up.

Eat fresh...Write fresh...Dream fresh...Stitch fresh.


  1. Oh yum! I love cherry tomatoes. My Mammaw always had a hanging pot of them right outside her backdoor. We had a bunch here in May/June but can't find them anymore. My favorite way to have this is chopped in half with chopped onion, coriander and softened bulgar (wheat), olive oil & lemon juice, salt and pepper, a dash of garlic powder. A nice, refreshing summer salad.

    I love that you are using all your old cross-stitchings to make a lovely quilt. I've been using little stitchings to decorate crocheted gift bags of late.

    Happy August to you! Tammy

  2. I love cherry tomatoes - they are sooooo yummy to snack on! Off to raid the fridge.....