Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WOYWW 415--Makeup, Glitter, Joy

Happy Wednesday Lovelies! Not gonna sugar-coat the fact I've been sooo MICA (missing-in-crafty-action)...I have no excuses. I just haven't felt it. I have had an unusually busy calendar, and I'm trying to clean the crafty corner more than work in it lately. But then for Mother's Day, part of the loveliest gifts in the world from three gorgeous girls was two tubes of glitter paint. Whaaat!!! Then my mind started racing about glittering a t-shirt I need to sew on...and glittering a couple of pillows...and boom. Here I am.

But morning makeup is fighting with the crafty supplies a little. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I love makeup. It's all good. There's joy everywhere on this desk.

I'm drinking coffee from my newest mug...part of the Mother's Day goodies. I love a white mug with gold on it! And then my planner is laying there...I always write in it in the morning. The heart cross-stitch is biding for some time, and there's that glitter!
I seriously love this mug. Hope to see your happy place soon.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dear Crafty Corner...Please Don't Hate Me...WOYWW 405

Dear What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday, oh my goodness I have missed you lovelies so much!! I can't believe I've been absent this many weeks from the coolest desk party on the planet...especially my crafty babes across the pond!!

And what do I have to share today, a mess! I think my crafty corner of the world hates me because, even though my show is over, I feel like I've had a million things going on and taking me away from my happy place! Now, mind you, it is not bad, because I've been having too much fun. But as you know, it all just turns into...what did Julia say today...a craft junkyard? Yes!! I'm with Julia on that.
Remember those crafty totes I told you about weeks ago? Well thank goodness for them, because they have helped alleviate what would be a giant mess. Instead it's just a medium mess on the craft table--enough to bug me.
I love these totes a ton, and they have taken the abuse of me just stuffing things in there because I don't have time to organize and think about it. This is the crafty tote that takes the mess off my desk. See how I bought Valentines stickers I did NOTHING with! Sad. They are cute though. I have a heart fetish.
This is my art journaling, bible journaling tote. Same story. I stuff stuff, get ready, and leave the house for all the things going on...retreats and new aerobics class I love...choir practice...get togethers...committee meetings...I would like there to be two of me. I kinda love washi tape by the way! I get so distracted, it's like...shiny!
Here's something that might save me...they had a big sale on storage/organizers at Michaels and I thought this was cute. It's going to take some thought though.

In the meantime...I took a teenage-style selfie in the office ladies' just to show you I'm still alive!!

I'm off for some visits, and I can't wait to see you lovelies and what you've been up to.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WOYWW #400--When a Crafter Does Theatre

Happy number 400 desker lovelies!!!

This is not my's just a super cute display in the lobby of our theatre where I continue to play Roz Keith in "9 to 5 the Musical." And...shhh...just between us. I really like what I see of the UK version of it done a couple of years ago, as opposed to our Broadway version...I don't know why. That version just looked like even more fun.

Anyhoo..I love our version of it for sure, and will miss it so much when this closing weekend is done.
So, that's why I continue to have a desk full of more makeup than crafts--I kinda wear a lot of makeup in the show. But, I do love nice makeup, and so that's okay.
I've been having fun taking photos at the show, in our dressing rooms, with my Instax's so appropriate for a show set in 1979, don't you think?
 Also, there, this morning, is my cereal spoon. I love Special K protein cereal for breakfast, and I kid you not, every time I have it for breakfast, Joseph is right there for the handoff of leftover milk when I'm done! I had to take that photo of him this morning!

With wearing so much makeup on stage the past few weeks--this little facemask (an amazing sample I got at Sephora with my beauty points) is going on mah face tonight!!!

Julia--hugs, and happy 400. You rock, and we creative crafties all over the world love you!!!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 399- Theatre Edition

Hi lovelies! I can't believe this is WOYWW 399! What? I have been out of the crafty loop for weeks, in rehearsals for "9 to 5 the Musical" and finally we had our opening weekend. And I want you to know, I've really missed Julia's weekly desk party, that's for sure, but oh my goodness, I am having so much fun. At home, the crafty corner is kinda a mess and not being productive right now. I did have a little splurge at Hobby Lobby, and maybe I can share that next week. In the meantime, I never thought my craftiness would get so derailed by being in a show! So here's the proof. This is a desk I've spent way more time at in the theatre in the past few weeks. My dressing room! All the dressing rooms in our ornate, gorgeous Little Theatre (where Fanny Brice herself once performed) are in the basement!

Making up my face for this show is quite like painting--so maybe we can consider that as crafty. You know, I finished the big dollhouse cross-stitch, and I need to take some good photos of that for you. But, I found a UFO! (unfinished object) that I had started a couple of years ago, and now I'm dragging it around with me to get the job done. 
 It's very fitting, because in "9to5" I play Roz Keith, who is madly in love with her boss, Mr. Hart. My number in the show is called "Heart to Hart" so truly, it is perfect! And I will leave you with a little photo of me on stage too. Missed you all and I'm visiting some desks right now!

Happy Wednesday.
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch