Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Best Crafty Ideas Start at Your Worktable--WOYWW 246

Here's what's on my worktable on a random Tuesday evening.

Now, go visit dozens of worktables all over the planet at What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday.

Sometimes my worktable is up against the window--but I'm back in the mood to have it pulled out in the middle of the floor so both leaves can go up if needed. That's because I'm swamped with ideas. I keep those creative thoughts and lists in my little black book there. Not to mention the random recipe or two. Ooh--this is the first time I've shown my new glasses! I can see!
One of my ideas involves vintage trimmings and linens, some stitching, and some words. More to come on that. And then another idea is a little crafty book. I've long wanted to write one--but nothing ever struck me as the central theme. Then, hubby was staring at my crafty corner last night, trying to think of better storage solutions, and we were talking, and boom. There it was. The idea I was looking for! So now I get to work on that too!
I've also done some more reorganizing--thus hubby's brainstorming and more storage solutions. He thought maybe he could put some things away for me somewhere, like the garage, but the problem is I use EVERYTHING, all the time.
A stack of scrapbook papers I use all the time.

Not that having great crafty supplies is a problem! It's quite a blessing to be able to let out your creativity and have the means to do so. For that I am so thankful. Therefore, I've also made a decision! I'm going to join our local arts and crafts guild. I've checked it out, and the membership runs from June to May. It looks like there's about 20 members is all. So they need me, right? I don't own a craft shop, and I don't go around selling my wares that much, but I still want to join. So I'll have the rest of the winter to make myself more worthy!

Downton groupies: were you surprised that Mr. Green met his demise the same day Bates took a little daytrip? I wasn't! And what about that Daisy. I was so proud she took the advice of her father-in-law (even though he was her father-in-law for about two seconds.)

Crafty hugs!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Imagine


  1. Oh my! your are busy, or at least you mind is working over time LOL.
    Great photos this week
    Krisha #9

  2. There's a lot going on. I love that bookmark. #1

  3. I wonder out of all us crafty girls who can get the most ribbon on their cat before he goes nuts I think I'm up to 4 and then he just doesn't really care the old boy :) Have fun organizing your craft space it's a fun thing to do plus you can find the odd treasure
    hugs Nikki 5
    thanks for the visit

  4. Reorganizing is good--not only are you organized afterwards, but it's such a good reminder of what all you have to work with! PRETTY fabric tag. And congratulations on being Daniella's happy mail winner!

    #21ish this week with
    a quilty and journal

  5. You have lots going on, organizing is always great fun, we get to find things we never knew we had......Thanks for stopping by...Happy crafting and have a wonderful week.
    DeDe #19

  6. Always good to reorganise but remembering where things were put is my never ending problem.
    Sandra @25

  7. Reorganising is good - and the guild sounds good too - enjoy! Your table looks very busy and you are full of ideas this week. Helen 10

  8. A lovely busy crafting desk . Happy woyww Jill #39

  9. Aaaaahhhhhh I watch Downton and I am not upto that yet aaaahhhhh. Great creative space, you tell hubby that if anything need to go in the garage it will be him LOL all crafting supplies stay in the house.

    Have a great crafting week and Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 34

  10. Wow your craft room is stuffed full! I have a new craft room and it seems so bare in comparison lol. Happy WOYWW.
    Love Karen #47 xxx

  11. It's lovely to be back taking a peek into your colourful, creative world, Sandy! You have so many terrific ideas. I love that little stitched tag in the first picture. How lovely that you share storage ideas with your DH. Mine is really helpful too and we've also been discussing solutions for keeping my ever burgeoning materials! I do hope joining the Guild is a blessing: I'm sure you'd be an asset to any group. Have a wonderful, creative day! Julie Ann xxx#52

  12. You sound as if you're full to the brim with get up and go! Can I have some of what you're having?!
    D'ya know what? The local guild will be lucky to have you as a member, you're so full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre - don't you dare think you're not worthy enough yet!! I hope it's a good bunch of folk and you get a lot out of it!
    I know exactly what you mean about needing everything at any one time. whenever I sort out, I always put the relatively unused stash away and then need it instantly again! So, I keep everything in boxes close to hand so no fruitless searching is involved.....I've learned the hard way :-)
    Nice glasses - I wear contact lenses but have now got to the point where I have to wear reading glasses over the top of them to see the small/close stuff. Sigh.....!!
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  13. Hi Sandy, loving your little black book - I'm a real sucker for notebooks and stationery so your book with its cute little tabs is singing to me! Good luck with your new endeavours - and you ARE ALREADY WORTHY! Hugs MMx #57

  14. Yes, the Guild need you - they need your skill and enthusiasm...you'll be ahuge enfit to them! Am thrilled to bits for you over the start of the book - amazing how the ideas roll into place, huh! And bless supportive husbands...

  15. I can see and feel you are such a diverse crafty lady Sandy-Leigh, love your embroidered sampler and tag, just gorgeous. Cheers and good luck with the reorganising, Cheers RobynO#51

  16. Hi Sandy Leigh - loving the colourful glasses! Have fun at the Art Guild. I am sure you will fit right in. Downton is fab. We are awaiting news of the next series here in the UK - Enjoy . Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 84

  17. I believe we all should have little black idea books, or maybe bigger little black books. I already have picked up lots of ideas today.. rearranging is good too. Reminds you of what you have, but have forgotten about.
    Nelle 71 xx

  18. So glad you are enjoying Downton - I loved it too. I would love to be part of the costume department creating lovely outfits wouldn't you?! x Jo

  19. Enjoyed visiting your space this morning, so cheery!! I am an embroider also, I love surface work, CQ and Crewel, I have in the past done costume repair and embellishment as well as bridal embroidery, love it!!Have a great week, Ginny #74

  20. Those glasses should be easy to find!
    Violets outfit at the Bazaar was outstanding!
    Thanks for stopping by and the snoop around your place.
    Robyn 6

  21. I am exactly the same, sometimes I need the light by the window and more often than not I just need to spread out on my big table!
    I am considering a large clear out of my scrap room, I have things from years ago that I never touch, I so need the space!
    have a great week, happy WOYWW,
    Deb xx #11

  22. I love seeing desks that are properly in action like yours and not staged for the camera! Love your enthusiasm and ideas! #63

  23. Isn't it amazing how ideas come in floods? You can go through the longest time without any new inspiration, and then, bam, more than you can handle.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  24. Oh my goodness! So many things going on! Good for you! I'm interested in how you get on the Pintrest Master List! I can't figure out how to get pintrest on my facebook page! I have it checked, but it won't show up :(
    I'm happy you won my giveaway!!

    1. Hi Daniella! If you'd like to be on the Pinterest Master Crafters List, just click on my button up there on the top right. This page is open indefinitely, and it has all the instructions to link up your Pinterest on the master list. I don't know about the FB thing - but usually if I post something to Pinterest and check for it to also post to FB, it does. I really have fun going through the master list and checking the other Pinterests, because they're all crafters! And it helps you get more followers on Pinterest. Have fun!

  25. yep lots of goodies.... Im late - we are late my daughter an I have been at the vets out of town all day so Im running so late. so I will keep it short. Thanks for the peek # 22 & 23

  26. Lovely to see some pretty stitching , threads and things. Karen #101

  27. Hi Sandy,

    I like how you are using the plastic (shoe holder?) thingie. Organization is key to every crafter at some point - oh, but sticking things in the garage??? I have things still in my storage unit downtown. It's been fun bringing over a box every now and again. It usually means that I need to do a bit of re-organizing (again). Yikes.

    It'll be interesting to see what are you going to create with the thread and old lace. I have some ideas.....

    Thank you for visiting me already. I'm slowly making it around.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (90)

  28. I'm impressed with everything that is happening on your desk. And of course, I'm also impressed that you are going to join that craft guild. I think they need you, because you have so many ideas, such enthusiasm, and supplies, too. You will really be a welcome addition.

    Happy belated WOYWW from #3. Thanks for stopping by on Wednesday. I've had another power outage, so am running late, late, late.

  29. You've been very busy. Lovely colourful new glasses and a great selection of embroidery thread!