Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Messy But Happy - WOYWW 247

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk Wednesday! Visit Mrs. Dunnit's Stamping Grounds to see wonderful workdesks all over the planet! Add yours! Here's mine in the USA's very cold Ozarks.
Even though I am enjoying a nice office job in my fifties--I spent my younger years as a copywriter in the crazy stressful advertising world--my creative urges stalk me! I can't help it. As I told you last week, I'm going to join my local arts and crafts guild this spring, and I'm looking for a craft show to participate in--I just want to make things! Cards, necklaces, mug rugs, all kinds of things. So, by george, I think I'm growing up to be a professional crafty artist! I love it. And I'm dreaming of a little craft shack to be built someday soon in my backyard. Wouldn't that be cool? And thank you all for your amazing love and support on the subject of me joining my local arts and crafts guild! I really needed that. In the meantime, here's my messy, happy domain on an early Tuesday morning. I can't show everything today--I'm working on getting on a design team. Woo hoo! Hugs and love!

P.S. Loved the season finale of Downton Abbey, by the way. Smashing all the way around, and of course, as usual, I'll be in agony until the next season starts and I'll have to watch every episode over again until then. Mom would have loved it. *sigh* I hope Call the Midwife (my other addiction) is coming soon!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Live a Little


  1. I wish you the best of luck with joining a DT. I would never be so fortunate, because I have NO real supplies to work with, only things I find along the way, or that are given to me. And I also applaud you once again on joining that group of crafters. Now a little craft shack out back sounds OK, as long as there's heat in the winter and AC in the summer. It would be no fun, otherwise. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. I think you're off to an excellent start in your creative journey. Blessings!

  3. Your desk looks so creatively lovely Sandy! Mine used to be filled with art supplies but now they are tucked away so that my cats don't eat them!

  4. Can you believe I missed the finale? But not to worry--my mom dvr-ed it!

    #20ish this week with
    Jedi mind tricks

  5. Love your desk...it looks well used. Good luck on the DT posi. #33

  6. Never watched Downton, but adore "Call the Midwife" next Sunday will be the end of the current series for us in the UK, what am I going to do with Sunday evenings then? BJ#31

  7. Such a busy desk! I'm the same with DA - the season finished at Christmas in the UK and doesn't return till the autumn - months away :(
    Have a happy WOYWW :)
    no. 35

  8. Hi Sandy...well I think here in Australia we're only just starting the Downton Abbey season, so we're a bit behind. Like you I'm enjoying my craft lots more - really I'm obsessed and yes to try everything (I'm 60) and glad I'm back sewing too, I used towant do the group thing but now I'm happy as in my own room. Have a great week Cheers RobynO#37

  9. Hey there! Goad you've been having a good week..your desk is testament to that!! I have a butterfly craft mind..always thinking ooh, what can I do next?!
    I reckon the contacts you'll make at the local Arts guild will be invaluable, plus all the ideas too. Better than Pinterest!!
    Do you have snowdrops in the Ozarks? I was out walking yesterday and was admiring the abundance of these little white flowers. They are everywhere in my village and locality at the moment. Anyway, I was admiring one particularly fine crop and you popped into my mind! They are the first wild flowers to appear after winter here...a real sign of Spring!
    Hugs, LLJ. 44 xx

    1. Jan--I have a butterfly craft mind too! (love that) ♥

  10. You are full of enthusiasm for your crafty work, go you! Love that you're working toward a goal and your desk looks really warm and inviting to me..as the owner of a dedicated craft space, I understand your 'shed' desire..but in the Ozarks...it will have to be triple lined and glazed and fully centrally heated!!

  11. I'm sure you are going to find your place very soon in the craft world. I also loved the last episode of Downton Abbey. I always felt I should have lived during that era. Of course I would have been below stairs! Hehe.. Have a great week! Glenda #76

  12. I am now up to date with Downton Abbey and yes I agree what a finale. As for your crafting, try and stay inside that is where all the warmth, cooling and action around the family is and you don't have to trek too far. Keep up with the positive thinking, you rock.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 52
    Happy WOYWW

  13. Enjoy your craftiness!!!! I think people who craft are the happiest of all really. I love DA as well. One of our favorite shows for sure. Hugs!

    Jeannie #73

  14. I love to see a messy desk- it makes me feel a lot better about mine! x Jo

  15. A messy desk is a happy desk lol! Been watching Mr Selfridge here in the UK and can't wait for Downton to come back.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 68

  16. Have fun with your new crafting guild, Sandy. We are in the middle of the new series of Call The Midwife here in the UK and it's great, love every one. Hope you get it soon.
    Hugs Lisax #60

  17. lovely busy desk there today! I am only just watching Downton, we started watching just over a week ago and are so hooked we are already onto season 3! I know I will watch it all again once we have finished it, just love it!
    Have a great week!
    Debxx #27

  18. I think your desk looks like you are creating wonderful things!! Good luck with the craft show projects!
    xxDaniella#2 *not sure if being #2 is a god thing?

  19. Have fun at your craft guild. I used to belong to a quilt guild and it was always so encouraging and inspirational.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  20. Always wonderful to share the things you love...inspirational. You'll be a great addition to the guild. Thanks for sharing. Be well and stay warm ~ Carole 101

  21. CRAFT SHACK ....... Oh I love that phrase

  22. Oh how fun and exciting - joining your local Arts & crafts guild. I wish you the best of luck!!! My sis and I were talking about selling cards at local shows once a year or so. However, with all the projects I want to get done I have no idea if I can amass so many cards. Maybe one year. :-) Enjoy and good luck again. I'm sure you'll keep us posted. Oooh, I loved the end of Downton Abbey this year. I can't believe the season is already over!! Brigita #109

  23. How wonderful to be able to call yourself a professional crafty artist! Good luck with it all. #51

  24. Hi Sandy,

    Your desk looks very busy! I do a bit of everything too; a booth that has a selection does well, I think, rather than specializing in one thing. I didn't do a craft fair last year as the last one really took a lot out of me. I bet you'll have a great time once you've joined the Guild.

    So glad you didn't reveal the last episode of Downton Abbey; I wasn't able to watch it so don't know what's going on.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (5)

  25. Ta Dah well done the messiest desk this week. Totally understand the need to sell things but as do many people craft these days it is really difficult. Etsy is overloaded and you have to network so much to get anywhere. Craft shows are great ... You connect with your customers.
    You will definately find useful contacts and friends at a group do good luck with it
    Janet @38 a bit late agsin