Thursday, June 19, 2014

Completed Bliss Banner - My Version of the Prayer Flag

It's almost like a daily art journal on fabric. I saw the idea on a sewing show where a lady made prayer flags each day for a month. I like to call mine "Bliss Banners" because each one conveys a word of joy, hope or thankfulness.

My words are always embroidered - but really, anything goes. You can upcycle from your stash--maybe a piece of fabric has a special meaning to you--no words needed at all. You can mix medias and stitch on ephemera, a greeting card, photo, buttons, ribbon, beads--whatever your artist heart desires. Once you start making these little flags--you can't stop! Your stash will now forever be a future, possible, Bliss Banner or Prayer Flag!
Knot your skein and threads pull out easily
This Bliss Banner consists of 8 little flags - each cut to around 5-1/2X11 inches. I like the number 8 -- infinity! So I will hang this outside for a time and all the sentiments will be carried to the wind for infinity and circle around the world forever! I love that idea--and each one was a joy to stitch as I upcycled my scraps and stash of things. On some I handstitched more than others - but each can take an hour or more if you like. I made one of them in 20 minutes with mostly machine stitching. When handstitching I found it easiest to use #5 pearl cotton floss so that I didn't need to separate out threads in a regular floss skein--much quicker that way! Click below to see each on day's Bliss Banner.

Day 1 - Bliss
Day 2 - Peace
Day 3 - Happiness
Day 4 - Hope & Faith
Day 5 - Love
Day 6 - Joy
Day 7 - Blessings
Day 8 - Creativity
These banners can carry a lot of meaning for you personally--but you can make them for others--what a unique gift. This particular banner is made from mostly vintage fabrics that my mother gave to me long ago. One was a tattered but beautiful embroidered pillowcase I asked her for. She had once rested her sweet head on it, and now it is part of my Bliss Banner. Other flags in the banner came from a vintage table cloth - also well loved - and a vintage doily and tablerunner. It all makes it truly unique and special. I have a couple of people I plan to make banners for - and then a very special banner is planned that will be all about my garden. I love my garden, and it holds a lot of magic for me. But to know that you can stitch up your own magic makes my life as an artist and sewist even more meaningful.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Magically

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  1. Hi Sandy! I've missed you!! Very busy lately, my oldest is graduating high school next week! *where did the time go?* I LOVE your banner! And the thought that all the sentiments will be carried through the wind!! You are so creative!! I do not sew, as you know, but I have old hankies and napkins that were my grandmothers. Maybe I can use them and glue? You always make me see with new eyes!!