Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Mine Is a Pile As We Celebrate Special Times This Week

Making earrings - knitting - stamping and stitching!
This time of year is typically a big busy week in our family, and it is especially this year. We just celebrated my sweet daughter's 20th birthday. How is it possible I'm the mother of a 20-year-old! I must have been a child bride, right?, no, and no. I had her two days before my fifth anniversary, and I was 33 already! So here we are at her celebration lunch. The day before was my sweet mother's birthday, and she would have been 88--so I know she's watching over us. And now my hubby and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We are having an evening out for dinner and going to see Tent Theatre. He is actually a Tent Theatre alum--it is a summer tradition at the university, and some of its alumni include John Goodman, Tess Harper, and Kathleen Turner. Mostly we see John G. at all the reunions--what a nice, humble guy he is.So back to the desk...
A box of scraps and stash!
I've got my Daily Bliss Banner project going--just a personal challenge to motivate myself to spend an hour a day stitching a wonky flag from scraps, and adding a blessing or thankful word. When this is hung up outside, it is supposed to bless the countryside! Tibetans make five flags to hang--but I'm making 8 little rectangular banners. I love how they are wonky and imperfect--just like me! The best part is the upcycling of scraps and stash--always my favorite thing!

And by the way--I was so sad all my PBS Masterpiece Classic shows were over for their seasons--so on the treadmill each morning, I'm re-watching all the seasons of Call the Midwife!! I can't help it.
Happy Wednesday lovely deskers!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Celebrate Each Day

"There will not be a WOYWW link today, I've just heard from Julia, she has been taken ill whilst on holiday and is in hospital. Not life threatening but she is not well. PLEASE do not email her, if you want to send a message, then do it through me. She won't be home until next week, so I don't know if there's going to be a WOYWW next week either."
Let's all send our prayers and thoughts up for Julia that she is comfortable, recovering, and will get back home safe and healthy!!


  1. What a happy couple of days..with a touch of bittersweet thrown in. Happy 20th to your girl (you two are SO alike!!), and many congrats on your Silver wedding anniversary. Hope you have wonderful celebrations :-)
    Poor old Julia is not at all well, see my blog for more info.
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  2. What cute "wonky" banners. I"m sure it'll look great once you are done and have it outside. Poor Julia all sick. Let's hope she gets better very soon!! ~ Brigita