Monday, June 9, 2014

♥Daily Bliss Banner - Day 1 of 8 - BLISS

I love those "make-something-a-day" challenges. So, I'm challenging myself this week. I call it The Bliss Banner Project. I got the idea from Quilting Arts on PBS, when one of their guest sewists was making a prayer flag a day. I do pray. I tend to do more thanking than asking. In a spirit of thankfulness I wanted my banner to absolutely make me happy every time I look at it and that's how the Bliss Banner thing was born.
Working from stash

Here's my five simple rules:
1-Each little flag in the banner is about 5-1/2X11-inches--I really like that rectangular size.
2-Do not buy anything. Everything for a Bliss Banner comes from stash, upcycling and creativity! Part of the fun is knowing the origins of each.
3-Try not to spend over one hour on it.
4-Hand stitching, machine stitching, doodle stitching, applique, stamping, mixed-media, painting--everything goes.
5-Stitch or write a happy word onto each one.

If you happen onto my blog and like this idea, please leave a link to your Bliss Banner in the comments--join in on any day. There's something about being creative just for the sake of being creative that keeps all the other ideas flowing!

Here's my Day 1 Bliss Banner. Of course, my first happy word is "Bliss." It began with the top of a vintage pillowcase from my precious mother. The crochet edge was getting raggedy--but I was able to work with it by just stitching it down. It would have been okay just to leave it raggedy too. I folded over one inch on the top for the border and handstitched it with pearl cotton floss. I stamped on it in a couple of places and added some pink buttons. I appliqued a scrap of an old bookmark I had once stitched. This pillowcase top already had a big pink embroidery on it so - bonus! I like knowing my mom's head once rested on this.
Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Happy

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