Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WOYWW 261--We're Still Celebrating Our Worktables

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday! If you're feeling blessed to have a craft table - whether you work in your bedroom, your kitchen, a closet, a studio, or you're like a lady I met who bought the house next door to be her CRAFT ROOM--link up your mid-day mess and madness right here.

Starbella yarn just loops onto the needle, and you knit the top edge.
And yes it's true. Last year, I met a lady at the fall craft fair who made her husband buy the vacant house next door to them and it is now her happy happy craft studio. I kinda love that idea. But I do like the busyness and buzz of my family being around even when I'm crafting--I don't want to leave!

So here I am, making more bliss rings, knitting one of those ruffle scarfs with that Starbella Yarn--wow, where have I been, it's the easiest ruffle scarf in the world to knit--and I'm working on my new Bliss Banner project. Of course, when I'm working on a banner, I think of my amazingly talented sewist soul sister in the UK, Jan (at LunchLadyJan'sFabricFrenzy), and then the mail arrives. 

I couldn't believe it. In the package were eight of the most beautiful ATCs from across the ocean. It was like Jan put together eight creative hugs and sent them across the pond! Thank you Julia, Jan, Debbie, Alison, Dolores, Maggie, Robyn, and Shaz for thinking of me and sharing not only this fifth WOYWW anniversary celebration, but a beautiful piece of your creative talent. It truly does mean the world to me!! I put them all on this canvas (although they remain removable to see the backs) and that made this gorgeous piece of art hanging in my crafty corner of the world. Hugs to you all!
 Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Be Happy!


  1. Those butterflies were definitely our girls showing us that it's ok, they're still with us all the time. Thank you for telling me, that's made me happy :-)
    My garden is going mad at the moment as well - after a warm Easter, we've been having a fair bit of rain and consequently the plants (and weeds) are growing like Topsy. My spinach leaves are like the rainforest! Unfortunately the slugs are also out in force..but all God's creatures deserve a place in the world, so I do what I can to discourage them....
    You are so welcome with the ATCs - the girls at the Crop were talking about who they often link up with and yours was a name that was mentioned. That's why you had those lovely ATCs put in your envelope. It was such a great day Sandy, you really would have enjoyed the love that was in the room :-) Btw, I love the way you've displayed them! Mine are pinned on my cork noticeboard which is by the computer so I can see them as I type!
    I found the quilt just flew together...the hardest bit was cutting all the squares, but quite honestly, that's easy with a good quilt ruler and rotary blade (I don't have a Big Shot). I'm most pleased with the simple white bias edging funnily enough!
    Have a lovely crafty week, soul sister -
    hugs, LLJ xxxx

  2. Wow, you were so spoiled, you lucky girl!! Jan is such a sweetie, isn't she?? Thanks for visiting my desk - still no Mr Linky over at Julia's...
    Hope you're having a great Wednesday :)

  3. What a lovely treasure for your space! Such kind ladies! Your scarf is soooo pretty! Love the loopy look and the fun yarn coloring. Thanks for the kind visit before! Winnie

  4. I like what you did with the ATC's Sandy they look great. Think my mum knitted a scarf like yours. Are you going to have a of at one if my little rabbits.
    Lynn x

  5. Lucky girl, loving the ATCs. The scarf looks interesting, what a lovely idea and the colours are gorgeous.
    Happy crafting, Angela x @Felix the Crafty Cat # 7

  6. What a lovely way to display your ATCs! I love the scarf, too. Have a great week, Chris # 10

  7. A clever way to display the gorgeous ATCs! Love your twirly scarf. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #31

  8. Love the colors in your scarf! And those ATC's are gorgeous! It's a wonderful way to display them. Happy WOYWW! #5

  9. The colors in your scarf are so bright and happy. That truly is a lovely collection of ATCs, what a great idea to put them on a canvas.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #29

  10. What a beautiful piece of art you created with art from your friends. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. April #41

  11. The house next door as a craft room... now that would solve working on the floor.... Love how you've displayed your atcs. I must find somewhere to have mine on show too.. Happy WOYWW Helen 18

  12. Hi Sandy,

    What a great way to display the ATCs you received. Isn't it exciting when you get a package in the mail that you weren't expecting! Such a talented bunch.

    I knitted only one of those scarves and found it difficult. I don't remember the name of the yarn but the premise was the same.

    Thanks for your visit already. I'm hoping to at least get most of my visiting done today and tomorrow!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (39)

  13. Awesome desk! Love the scarf! I bought some yarn and have a pattern so I need to try and knit it but I heard it was difficult from a friend. beautiful ATC's Sorry I am so late getting around! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #62