Tuesday, June 17, 2014

♥Daily Bliss Banner - 7 of 8 - BLESSINGS

Bliss Banners - Prayer Flags - Happy Thoughts On Fabric - call it what you like...but these are so fun to create. I'm on Day 7, of a little promise to myself to make one flag each day.

See Day 1 and My Rules Here

I confess...I didn't quite make one each day. A birthday, an anniversary, and father's day took me out for a couple of days--but not bad, right? And today's Bliss Banner (as I call it) came together in about 20 minutes! This is a piece of vintage table runner - it had stains and holes...but I love the white-on-white embroidery and the scalloped edges, so it made a great base to upcycle into a little flag. A couple of cross-stitches laying in my scraps basket, a piece of lace and an angel peeking in from a fabric scrap are all I needed. I machine stitched everything on this one, except where I embroidered "Blessings." Sometimes I feel like handstitching these, and others seem to want to come together much faster! It all works though. Have fun playing with your scraps - one of the most beautiful ways to upcycle.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Blessings

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