Friday, June 27, 2014

The Crafty Bunch

Jeremy Rabe, Me, Barry Williams, My Sister Deb
I absolutely love everything about being an artist and a crafter. So when Jeremy Rabe started filming his own craft/DIY show right here in the Ozarks--FYI GUY--I went to the women's expo to meet Jeremy in person and to see a demo of his upcoming show. He is a frugal kind of crafter, which I love--he upcycles and recycles anything and everything, and I couldn't wait to see more. So I went to the first filming of his FYI GUY shows and had a great time. Last night I took my little sister and we went to a very special edition of FYI GUY. He called it his "Seventies Show" and the guest star was Barry Williams who played Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch TV show from the seventies. My absolute favorite show from my childhood.
Jeremy and Barry on the FYI GUY set
I have loved the Brady Bunch my whole life. I was right in-between Jan and Cindy, age wise, when the show actually aired from 1969 into the early 1970's. I didn't miss an episode. I wanted to be Marcia. 

My sister and I had so much fun!
Since then, the show has never been off the air, and I have the whole DVD set, so I've watched it time and again with the children in our family, and sometimes just because I'm in the mood to watch a comforting childhood favorite and knit with a nice cuppa. Ahhh. 

I was so sad when Ann B. Davis, who played Alice, recently passed away. I thought to myself how I wished I could have met that wonderful lady. So it was pretty amazing I got to meet Barry Williams last night. He is an absolute sweetheart, so funny, and very talented. 

We are lovin' on Greg Brady!!
By the way, Barry actually wrote "Clowns Never Laughed Before" -- I had no idea -- and here he is wearing THE tiki, the actual tiki from the Hawaii episodes. Very cool. He and Jeremy made tie-dye shirts on the show, by the way. Crafting with Greg Brady. Never thought this would happen! Right now you can catch FYI GUY on YouTube, and I hope this seventies episode will be up soon! I have no idea if the Brady Bunch airs anywhere else in the world except the U.S.--but I don't think my childhood would have been the same without it.

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