Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WOYWW #400--When a Crafter Does Theatre

Happy number 400 desker lovelies!!!

This is not my's just a super cute display in the lobby of our theatre where I continue to play Roz Keith in "9 to 5 the Musical." And...shhh...just between us. I really like what I see of the UK version of it done a couple of years ago, as opposed to our Broadway version...I don't know why. That version just looked like even more fun.

Anyhoo..I love our version of it for sure, and will miss it so much when this closing weekend is done.
So, that's why I continue to have a desk full of more makeup than crafts--I kinda wear a lot of makeup in the show. But, I do love nice makeup, and so that's okay.
I've been having fun taking photos at the show, in our dressing rooms, with my Instax's so appropriate for a show set in 1979, don't you think?
 Also, there, this morning, is my cereal spoon. I love Special K protein cereal for breakfast, and I kid you not, every time I have it for breakfast, Joseph is right there for the handoff of leftover milk when I'm done! I had to take that photo of him this morning!

With wearing so much makeup on stage the past few weeks--this little facemask (an amazing sample I got at Sephora with my beauty points) is going on mah face tonight!!!

Julia--hugs, and happy 400. You rock, and we creative crafties all over the world love you!!!

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