Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WOYWW 233--Where'd My New Baby Go?

Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday! The new baby I got for my birthday--the teal Big Shot--stayed right on top of my workdesk where I played with it for days! Now I'm ordering more dies since the selection at my Michaels and Hobby Lobby is shockingly terrible! And I've had to find a home for baby Big Shot since I need surface space on my worktable when not using it. I've had to reorganize almost everything.

Crazy right? One new thing causes such a reshuffle in the crafty corner.

So...here's my baby now on its own shelf, safe and sound. The extended multi-purpose platform stays stored right there with it.
Peeking  behind it is my other little baby--the Texture Boutique. I realize the Big Shot does both, and yet I still like using the Texture Boutique too.

Many things got rearranged and stashed into my crafty boxes. I don't really have a lot of space, that's why I call it my "crafty corner." So I'm constantly making messes and putting it all away.

I feel blessed just to have a crafty corner though. It's funny because when my daughter goes to a friend's house, sometimes she'll say she didn't see where the mom does her crafting.

Then she started realizing not all moms have a crafty corner or studio for that matter! And that seems strange to her.

The dollhouse renovation is moving along and here is another little door mat I embroidered for the living room. Have a wonderful week crafters!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Be Happy


  1. Isn't the Big Shot fun? I have an older version... not a cute as yours. You're raising your daughter right... moms need their craft/art/special space and she knows it. :) Happy WOYWW! Helen #7

  2. I think any big shot would be fun! I'm still cuttlebuging :) nice space, so girls and pink!!

    Kelly #14

  3. You are right and so is your daughter, we all need craft rooms I have had one for about 20 years and couldn't be without it. Hey everyone congregates in here for some reason, oooohhhh could it be me, maybe I should hide. Hey you could try it and see if it happens there too.

    You are teaching your daughter right and stick with it. Congrats on the new toys and have loads of fun.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Creating
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 1

  4. I would have loved a Big Shot but I have a Cuttlebug and I am very happy with it as it belonged to my cousin who passed away and left it to me, so I will never let it go. I am having so much fun with it and have just bought the extended plates and some of Tim Holtz dies that I love. What I see of your little crafty area looks great Sandy!! Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #10

  5. Sometimes a reorganisation is great - I need one really but...!! Helen 3

  6. It might not be big but your crafting corner is cosy and it's yours! I'm really looking forward to next year when I've been promised a little summerhouse to craft in! How lovely that your daughter sees crafting as such a part of a woman's life! My daughter is 20 now, but we always made things together and now she is training in Fashion - creativity has always been a part of her life too! Have a wonderful WoYWW! Julie Ann xx #29

  7. Good morning.
    Lovely crafty corner you have there.
    Hope you have a good week too.

  8. Sandy, my daughter had similar reactions when she was younger; she'd come home and say that they must have a lot of cupboards because there was no colouring and sticking stuff to see! More like no trail of glitter and buttons all over ! Your corner is adorable, love the covered boxes and the tidy shelves. Have to say though,that I bet one or other of the die cut tools will be used in preference..eventually you'll realise that you hardly use one of them...ah, guilt!

  9. Your daughter's comment cracks me up. I too love die cutting. Happy WOYWW Peg #46

  10. Isn't it sad to think that not everyone gets to craft! I think you have a great corner! Please share any great dies you find, I'm on the lookout now too!!!
    Angie #74

  11. I love all your colourful boxes piled up on the shelves!! It's so satisfying to see everything stored so beautifully...I could easily sit and stare at colour coded stash all day long! How sad is that?? Lol. That's why I love fabric shops, especially where all the colours are themed. I was one of those girls who lined their pencils up in colour order!
    I've only had a crating area for the past two years..before the space was taken up by boys and their toys :-) I really do like having the space to craft and then being able to shut the door on the mess!
    The weather has really changed here...the temperatures have dropped a lot. So we've had the woodburner going, it's been lovely :-)
    Btw, you must tell your husband that there's big news in the UK today...Monty Python are reforming for some theatre and TV work. I'm very excited!
    Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

  12. Love all your colourful boxes...so pretty on the shelves. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#48)

  13. WHAT? Not everyone has a crafty corner or craft room? LOL I can't imagine. My Mom always called hers the sewing room. :-) They just don't know what they are missing. Love your new baby and cannot wait to see all the cool things you make with it. April #17

  14. Big shot fun! Yeah! I did not buy one for ever....purchased other things, and ended up with the big shot. Really, really like it. Deciding whether to sell my Spellbinders Wizard. I never grab it anymore. The big shot is easier to wind..at least to me it is.

    I really love all your box's stacked up, the splashes of colors are wonderful.

    Hugs, Robin #76

  15. Reorganizing is an on going project. I have a Big Shot too but I use the cuttlebug more often...changing plates seems easier then flipping tabs. The Big Shot works best on my older boxed Sizzix dies. The doll house welcome rug is adorable.Carole #67

  16. Sometimes the reorganizing reminds us of what we have. Great space for the big shot.
    I came from a crafting home so I did have culture shock the first friend's house I went to and they didn't do ANY crafting.......LOL
    Krisha #4

  17. I love your pretty little boxes. I don't know how I managed without my craft room - oh yes I do - I had a full time job and no time or energy for crafting!! I love doing what I do now. x Jo

  18. Hi Sandy,

    Every house needs a creative corner! Isn't it interesting what kids notice sometimes. I have very little space too. The closet I'm re-doing - but the latest find is a dresser that I'm painting that will go right next to where I do my crafts in the dining room. It's almost done and I can't wait to get things organized and moved!!!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (6)