Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WOYWW 191--It's All a Little Patch Happy

I am sharing what's happening on my worktable because I like to hang out every Wednesday with a bunch of crafty beauties across the planet who do the same and it's a blog party right here at Mrs. Dunnit's:

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (take a pic of what's on your desk right now and click here to share)

I am being very green. I decided I want a new bohemian-looking cross-body bag. So...why not make it! I started over the weekend. Every scrap of material that I remotely like, I've been cutting into a 3X3 square. After a while I realized I had a few denim patches, and they are quite boring. So, I stopped everything, got out a basket of floss and started embroidering them! Hours later, I needed to do some baking for the week, make dinner, and boom--that's an evening! So, here lay the patches, just waiting for me to have the time and energy to get back on it.

Embroidering patches and watching Downton!
Sometimes when I'm making a project like this, I do tend to rush myself through it, because I don't want it to become a UFO. (unfinished object) But not this time. I really want a new bag, and I really want it to be cute--so if it takes a couple of weeks or three weeks, I'm going to get these patches just right before I start stitching!
Got a fun set of list pads and sticky notes at Barnes and Noble!

In the meantime, I didn't Art Journal a thing, and my markers and paints and papers are waiting for me! Could the Sandy living in my alternate universe please hop over here and help me!

Picked up some eyelets for my new bag!
Have a happy week lovelies, find your joy, and guard it!

Did I mention knitting is my Prozac? I'm still working to finish up the ole butterfly scarf!



  1. Your patches are looking good! I think someday soon I'm going to start a project with some embroidery. I watch Downton Abbey too.That's what we were doing New Year's Day- having a Downton marathon! Patsy from

  2. Wow so busy. Yes cooking etx does intrude on life in the studio along with reading blogs and web distractions. Not sure what a bdy bag is as I thought it was something a crime lab used for people who meet an untimely end, many murder mysteries in my life. Your work looks fun. Monica #102

  3. Hi Sandy Leigh thank you for visiting me. I am exhausted just reading your post! Watching Downton and embroidering seem to go together perfectly. I look forward to seeing your bag when it is finished. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 55

  4. Hope you get your bag done!! I have a problem with buying things to make and than not getting around to it. So, it sits in drawers, etc just waiting for me... :-)
    Brigita #124

  5. Such a lovely creative post. I am just getting into sewing so I'm very interested to see your finished bag. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@74)

  6. If I sewed or crocheted, I would had tons of UFo's,lol Thank goodness I clueless about those hobbies! Although I cannot wait to see how your bag turns out, which will be fabulous as we all know! Thanks as alays for visiting my blog, waving hi from the windy and rainy hills of North Carolina ♥

  7. Laughing all the way here Sandy it's like looking in the mirror. Hope you get your bag done. Hope I get my course done haha

  8. UFOs!! Lol, that's a great acronym! I've got a few of those in my workroom.....sigh!
    I like your patches, that's going to be a real hippy chic bag when you're done..really gorgeous AND it uses up all your scraps.thats a win win situation!! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result :)
    And don't be surprised if you hear about explosions in Wiltshire, when my husband dynamites the moles into space!! They are cute but cause havoc.....
    And did you know that Downton Abbey is filmed at Highclere Castle which is an hours drive from where I live! Another reason why you have to come and visit one day!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  9. Good luck with your new bag I am sure you will love it so much more because you have made it with loving stitches. I shall be back to see the finished item

  10. There will ALWAYS be a welcome here for you...anytime!!!

    1. That is so good to know! More reasons to finish my novel, sell it, and fund my adventure!!

  11. Those little emboridered patches are stunning, you must have the patience of a saint. What episode are you up to in Downton?
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Lisax #63

  12. Great idea for the bag and lovely embroidered patches. I just bought a new machine this week so I'm looking forward to a spot of sewing x

  13. Hope you manage to get your bag finished before too long. I am hoping to sew a quilt for Jozarty appeal - have never made one before but need to get cutting out the squares. Anne x #144

  14. What a gorgeous bag you will have when finished! I used to sew everything, but not so much in years. You make me want to set up the machine........but alas I have no scraps of fabric, so off to play in the art journal. LOL
    Krisha #109

  15. Sounds like a fun project!!! Can't wait to see the finished project! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Downton Abbey!!!!! Although Season 3 was a bit dark and sad.

    Jeannie #12

  16. Ah Sandy, me too - it's been a long lesson in the learning, this take your time, get it right and it will be lovely..rather than rush through it,make a mistake and then it's a UFO! So yep, enjoy the time you can carve out for the bag will so enjoy using it. It looks so pretty already.

  17. Hullo there Sandy,
    ah decisions that can be part of the whole difficult creative process! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW!
    Shaz in Oz. x #40

  18. Oh that little patchwork bag will be one to treasure I am sure. Don't forget to show and tell. I am busy with my next Lillybo Quilt but it takes me ages to decide what to use and how to arrange it all!! x jo

  19. Some fun new goodies, and that patchy bag is going to be a delight--the owl square is SOOOOOO cute, Sandy Leigh!

    (I actually DID make it through the whole list last week, and commented everywhere except a couple where the link was bad or I couldn't find a woyww post! That's not going to happen this week . . .)

    late again this week,
    but I made it to the party!
    Happy WOYWW!

  20. I am looking forward to seeing your finished bag. What a great idea to make it yourself. It should be exactly what you wanted. ;-) April #101