Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Banner - Easy to Stitch!

Whether you're on the decorating committee for a sweethearts banquet, or just love decorating for Valentines Day--it's quite easy to stitch up all the Valentines Banners you want! These cute little stuffed hearts are made of felt and can be stitched with contrasting colors of thread on the machine--or feel free to take your time and stitch them by hand with colorful flosses. Either way, you only need a few supplies!

Heart-shaped cookie cutter
Chalk or marker
8 1/2X11 sheets of felt in any colors or patters you wish
Scissors and straight pins
Colorful thread or floss
Optional embellishments: buttons, paper flowers, crocheted flowers and glue dots to apply
Large darning needle
Thin ribbon
STEP ONE: Fold felt over so that you can cut two pieces at once and trace the heart using the cookie cutter as your guide. Pin together and cut out the two heart shapes.

STEP TWO: For each heart, face the two wrong sides of the heart together and machine stitch around the edge, leaving a small gap to stuff.

STEP THREE: Optional step--apply a button or flower with a glue dot.

STEP FOUR: Stuff the heart and stitch the gap closed.

STEP FIVE: For each banner, thread a large darning needle with thin ribbon, and thread through the top part of each heart until you have all your hearts strung together in a banner, leaving some ribbon on each side for hanging. 

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch your heart out.


  1. STOP THIS!!! lol You have me thinking about making one and I don't sew things like this....sigh....I want one though,lol waving hi from the hills ofNorth Carolina ♥

  2. Thats sooooooooooooo cute!! I'll have to make one now ;)