Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Heart Wearable Art -- Making Creative Lanyards

Wearable art is just the best! Especially when it makes sense. Creating my own lanyards was such a functional idea. And I know a lot of people who spend their lives in lanyards! Anymore, we need them for so many functions and occasions.

Of course, there are situations where the lanyard cord must be uniform--but if you can stray, I say make your own artistic piece!

Recently I was sorting through some vintage sewing supplies I inherited in my family and came across a well worn and well loved sewing measuring tape. This old thing even had stitches on it! (I presume to hold it together) I put it aside, and then found it again the other day, and decided to make something with it. I put it around my neck and realized, it wanted to become a lanyard!

It's actually pretty handy to use while working on a project because although you can stitch and add your mixed-media fabric art to one side, you still have a measuring tape on the other side, and I made this one in particular to hold my stork scissors when I'm working on embroidery--as I tend to carry it around the house and gardens with me sometimes.

The old measuring tape
Once I unraveled the old tape, this is what it was wrapped around!
Upcycling some good plastic packaging into a new lanyard!
This lanyard was made from scratch, as I took a clear plastic case I had saved--which came with some knitting needles originally--cut it to size, and then stitched the bottom closed. The top already had a loop, so it was ready to go on some old keyring hardware I had, and boom, just like that, it became a lanyard! My favorite thing to make lanyards out of, I've decided, is the selvage edge of fabric, cut into strips. I also had an old row of hearts I had cross-stitched last year, ribbon, buttons, sequins, charms, anything you like!
You'll find plenty in your stash to create a mixed-media lanyard.

I also found some old lanyards in my stash, that were kind of boring, and because they were specifically for a place of business where I once worked, I would never wear them--so, as soon as I finished the first lanyard, I started with a second, which would be more of an upcycling project with the same mixed-media principles of adding strips of fabric, embroidery, sequins, buttons, and a charm. 

I even added a big charm to the plastic protector part--very cute! I think you could add some beads here too.

The next time I teach a workshop, whether it's art journaling, embroidery, or just a crafty afternoon with pals--I'm making lanyards for everyone! 

It would also be fun, in the event of a crop or a crafty day to have everyone bring their own wearable art to show off!
Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch some wearable art.

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  1. such a cute idea! I love the measuring tape material! It amazes me how popular neck lanyards are. My kids love them for their house keys and they're perfect for everything I need to for work.