Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WOYWW 190--A Little Art, a Little Coffee

Is it Wednesday morning in your corner of the globe yet? Then happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday to all our creative lovelies across the planet!

Link up your happy space right here!
To my left

I got the biggest giggle last week when Jan commented on how tragic it was that I had to go to work instead of staying at home and stitching hearts! I giggled because I totally agreed! Oh how I wanted to just take my time sipping coffee and stitching that day! Most Wednesdays, though, find me getting up early, getting on the treadmill, linking up my workdesk photo, and having my coffee with a few precious minutes of art journaling before I dress, watch the Today Show, make my lunch and skidaddle off to the office! (paychecks come in handy though when I need supplies)

Of course, every WOYWW comment is an absolute delight. I don't know why it's so fun to peek at someone's desk, and then find out what others think of yours. I never get tired of it!
My worktable faces out in a corner of the room so I can see the windows and the TV if I want!

So, just so you know, I did spend a lovely holiday at home on Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and I finished the heart banner! Very fun. Now, back to reality until Saturday morning--I have a morning of crafting and catching up on my shows planned for myself. Ahhh. 
I cut hearts, machine stitched the edges, and threaded onto ribbon for a fun, easy banner!
 So, while I'm completely enraptured by Downton Abbey Season 3...I'm wondering when PBS Masterpiece Classics is going to bring back Call the Midwife? I adored how the last season ended! Do I need to move to the United Kingdom because they make all my favorite shows!

Stay inspired...get in touch with your inner crayon-holding finger-painting child...and follow your bliss anytime you Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch.


  1. Yep moe here Sandy we had our first episode of the new Call The Midwife series on Sunday. Followeed by Ripper Street another great series. Then switch over for Dsncing On Ice. All this while messing about on the iPad. Have a good week
    Lynn x

  2. Yes I am with Lynn - so many great tv progs on at the mo.
    I love your little heart bunting and your journal looks stunning at the top there. Have a good week. x Jo

  3. I love your little heart bunting. Your art journal and creative space look just fabulous. I could make myself right at home. Happy WOYWW! LisaDV #116

  4. The heart banner is very pretty and I am sure we can all beg your boss to give you Wednesday as a day off for crafting and blog hopping
    Ria #92

  5. First off I love, love, LOVE the heart banner, it turned out so cute and looks great hanging in your window. Speaking of windows, I was trying to peer out and see your view, is that a lake out there? I was squinting and trying to see! Thanks for visiting my desk, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  6. Hi Sandy, love the heart banner, it has cheered me up on this cold dark day. Hugs Mo x

  7. Can't do without my weekly fix of Miranda Hart either, and at the moment we are lucky enough to see her twice a week!! Loving that heart banner Sandy. Hope Saturday comes quickly. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #150

  8. Yes me too, I love the heart banner too. Thanks for stopping by BJ#27

  9. I bet there's an awful lot of us who WOYWW before nipping off to work. Like you say, the crafty pennies come in handy!!
    Love your heart banner, Sandy, it's gorgeous. You really do take the most gorgeous photos. I love coming to see them on a Wednesday. You can come and stay with me and we'll watch all these brill programmes together. Call The Midwife Series 2 started last week...excellent again. If you get The Paradise over there, don't miss it, you'll LOVE it!!!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #60

  10. I wish you could have stayed home and stitched hearts too!!
    Happy WOYWW!!!

  11. You must definitely have got English blood in you somewhere...either that or you're a hopeless romantic!!! I love that you love these quintessentially British shows...I don't even watch them! In fact, I watch very little tv...apart from a wonderful station called BBC4, which has wonderful documentaries about all sorts of topics and fiendish quizzes as well! You're just going to have to visit in order to find out :)
    How far do you go on the treadmill? I used to get so bored on mine but now watch stuff on my ipad, it makes a huge difference!
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

  12. HI Sandee. i love the sentiment of I'd rather stay at home and sew (although i work in acraft shop so......! ) love your banner i made one similar last year.. actually we seem to have alot in common, i have just read your profile and really agree with the last bit (except for the cat part). If you also like cold and snow you should come over here. do you want ot know how donwnton finishes no...... ok I wont spoil it for you then. have a good week and enjoy
    janet #31

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Love your great window, and the little heart buntings.
    Below zero, and high winds here, no moisture all season, just a weired winter we even had temps to 48 last week.
    Happy WOYWW and enjoy your time creating

  14. the heart banner is gorgeous. I think quite a few of us work in part to pay for our crafting habits.
    Sandra @67

  15. Sandy, I haven't been woywwing lately--I REALLY like your new blog header, it's adorable! And the heart banner, so cute!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #164 this week

  16. Hi Sandy,
    Lovely view out of the window, and it's greatly improved with the hearts hanging in a loop. Very sweet. Thanks for visiting me and keep those pay cheques rolling in :-)
    Ros. #3

  17. Love your heart banner...I think i spy a lake too...Is that a lake out the banner windows?

  18. Paychecks do come in handy to buy supplies. ;-) I really like the heart banner - so appropriate for all year. :-)
    April #110

  19. Loved the coffee and the art! The heart banner is very inspirational! (Ooh I spelt that right first go!!) and at least you have a lovely window, mine is usually blinds down, which makes it a bit dark. Happy Crafting and very happy Late woyww!