Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello Lovely Desker! WOYWW 351

The desk party starts right here at What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday.
How are you? It's a random weekday desk photo - and that's a good thing since I can't seem to bring myself to actually craft something and blog about it. Good grief! So what you're seeing there is my morning coffee in my favorite heart mug on the right (I do heart that mug, it keeps my coffee sooo warm)...crafts and coffee just go together don't they? Then right in the middle of my desk I was cleaning out my Midori, and lifting some listing...ooh, I like that, "lifting some listing" that I did from previous weeks in my planner, which I keep in my Midori, and just doing an overall cleanout of it, because it's a great place to stuff things during a busy week! I had been cross-stitching on mah dollhouse, and laid that down to take the photo. That's where the stitching landed. Laying on the left is a purple ink pad and my Smashbook date stamp with little phrases. I love that thing. I use it for so many things...but lately I've had it out to use in my food and exercise journal which I keep in my Midori. I like to use the date stamp with happy phrases, I divide each day with some washi tape, so my food/exercise journal stays fun and inviting and therefore I feel more encouraged to keep journaling everything. And it is working...I had a great checkup at the doctor. Woo hoo!
A little Michaels haul including that luscious fabric tape

Ooh, and I love my new initial mug. I picked it up at Michaels the other day with a great coupon, and got it with a matching spiral journal. I just couldn't leave the store without them both. Apparently, I needed them in my life! Here's a closeup I took the day I got them. I can't stand the cuteness! And I can't decide if I should use the mug for pens on my desk, or to actually drink out of. (please tell me what to do) Also picked up a makeup bag at Michaels that folds out with lots of zipper pockets--oh how I love that too. I'm just full of's February. And that new bag carries all my essentials and some crafting and goes into my work bag. It's a winner.

Sooo...Downton Abbey lovers...I swear. Every time a new episode airs on our PBS station each Sunday night, I get sadder and sadder because I keep thinking how close we are to the end. Waaahhh!!!

Okay, rant over. Back to happy Wednesday desking-around.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. You can never have too many mugs or journals, right?? :-)
    We had the last Downton at Christmas over here...sad, wish they made more! :-(
    And that's a good idea for washi tape too...I might have to "borrow" that one...
    Happy WOYWW


  2. Your book is SO it, I bet it is very inspiring to flick through and your heart mug should be mine ha ha.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Dawn #45

  3. I love the mug - I would use it on my desk for pens I think, as you then get to see more of it! I wish they were making more Downton's - my equal favourite series was The House of Eliott - did you ever see that - it was on a good few years ago but just as good as Downton in my opinion. So sorry, I've drifted away from your desk and on to TV - how did that happen! Hope you have a good week and thank you so much for stopping by my desk earlier,
    Diana #23

  4. I think you need a second mug - so you will have one for drinking AND one for pencils & pens! :)
    Have a great day!

    Diane WOYWW #44

  5. Great smash-book! :)
    I love notebooks, diarys, lists... etc. Yours looks so creative.

    I would use the mug for pens as I have a heart mug too for that purpose. I drink coffee from old-fashioned coffecups.. the small ones you know. ;)

    Enjoy your coffee and have a great week!
    Sussie nr 50 at WOYWW

  6. Oh, I'm thinking it's a grand thing to have all these journals and planners and books to write in. For me I'd forget to write in them all I'm sure and then feel guilt for that and then not write in the others, vicious cycle that lol! Love all the little goodies about! Thanks for stopping by Angie #53

  7. My husband and I are late to the Downton Abbey game, but just got Amazon Prime recently and are currently watching Season 3. Last night's episode was the one where Lady Sybil died -- so sad! I do realize these are fictional characters, but I wonder if the stress of having to escape Ireland was too much for her health, being so close to delivery. If only they had listened to their local doctor. I might choose to use the mug for pens (since you have another that you love that keeps your coffee nicely warm.) Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #60

  8. I say put pens in the initial mug so it can sit on your desk and be admired every day! Good for you for keeping up on your journaling and keeping yourself so organized. Happy WOYWW. PJ #63

  9. I was just starting to read this when you commented on my post. Yes you can never have too many mugs. Drink first, pens second. My husband is the Downton Abby fan her. I am way more TWD (The Walking Dead).

    Pat #61

  10. Great looking desk! Your book looks SO I interesting! Whether you use your mug for pens or drinking depends on how many mugs you already have! I have loads so it would be a pen holder without doubt! Downton? Keep watching! Hugs, Chrisx

  11. That smashbook looks like a lot of fun - I want to sit and have a little ruffle through it!

    Clair #11

  12. I love mugs! I found one at the dollar shop that caught my fancy. I ended up putting pens in it. Couldn't resist and I have enough of them in the cupboard lol. Love journals too. They were both calling your name in the Michael's store lol.

    Your cross stitch looks like it's coming along nicely.

    Sharon K #47

  13. I would use the initials mug for pens - you've already got the lovely heart mug to drink from! Nice colours in your cross stitch - hope to see a close up one day! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #38

  14. Actually, I'd use the mug for coffee as the handle is such a nice shape to get a grip of! Some handles are too big/ small or thick/thin but that looks just right...a bit like Goldilocks :-)
    Good on you for keeping a food/exercise journal, I should do that too to keep me motivated. Great that you got a good report from the doctor, that doesn't happen too often huh?!
    And there's a spot reserved for you at my sewing table..we'd sit and stitch and natter to our heart's content. I'll go put the kettle on :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  15. I would actually use the mug for coffee, until you get tired of it (possibly) and then put it to work as a pen holder. Plenty of mugs seem to go funny inside after the dishwasher has scoured them a million times, so that's when they become pen holders :)
    I was into D.A. since the very beginning but strangely have not managed to watch the last two series. Maybe, if I get them on DVD I can catch up completely. And yes, House of Eliot, was fabulous. See if you can get hold of it :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 35

  16. Mugs are made for holding pens, pencils, scissors etc., so that you see the lovely design on the outside at all times as they are display on your desk. I have three colourful ones on mine. Then with my favourite drinks mug in my hand I can sit and admire my others haha
    Lynn 19 xx

  17. A very interesting looking desk. It's great when you find the perfect mug isn't it. The heart mug is really cute. The initial mug I think needs using as a drinking mug initially and then in its old age as a pen mug. Have a great week. Cara woyww #41

  18. Ha ha yes you do sound full of love that's fab isn't it! Thanks for pinning my Twiddle mitts - I noticed it on Pinterest the other day! x Jo