Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WOYWW 350--Don't Tell Anyone What My Bag Is

Well the whole thing started with this mess...

I tell you, I get so tired of my desk piling up! And I know it's because there are several little things I do almost every day. I write in my planner and other booklets in my Midori notebook. I cross-stitch on a large dollhouse I'm working on (a little bit a day goes a long way). I knit on something. Sometimes I watercolor. I doodle in an art journal. And I get out my list book because I'm always making a list. So then, I thought of a solution to this madness and mess.
And here's what happened after that...
Tada! It's What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday magic. And all of those things I realized that I work on the most, I primarily work on at my craft desk, but sometimes I take them around the house. So I decided to pull out my Orla Kiely bag. I love Orla Kiely bags--she makes purses, makeup bags and even diaper bags.'s my secret...although I said goodbye to my diaper bag era many moons ago, I bought an Orla Kiely diaper bag to be my craft bag! No kidding. Don't tell on me. It has oodles of pockets inside and out. Everything is so sturdy, great zipper pulls, and think of all the things you can use that diaper changing pad for! Plus, it's all waterproof and made to be wiped down, and we all know craft supplies can make a bag messy.
I picked this one up at Target for around $35 (yes, in the baby aisle). It has a cute print, and it is a really huge bag. I could travel with this too and it would fit all my planners, scrapping, and crafting supplies. Since I'm not traveling anytime soon though, I unloaded my desktop and loaded up this bag. It sits on the side of my craft desk now, I can find everything I'm currently working on, and I can move it around the house when I want to camp out and craft in another room. It would be great to take to a crop if you have a lot to pack, or to a friend's house. I just can't get over all the pockets. I just picked up some new washi tape at Michaels and it's going on a big ring I'm hooking on the side by the embroidery floss. I still have other cute tote bags I love, but this is the workhorse for now that's keeping my desk a little more organized.

Happy Wednesday lovelies.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. Gosh, you are always so busy, with so many things on the go - where do you get your energy from?! I love the bag idea - I love Orla Kiely too - what a great idea for having a large wipe clean craft bag, and it's reasonably priced too! Hope you have a good week,
    Diana #21

  2. What a transformation! My desk is still in the piled high stage! hopefully mine will look good like yours!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! have a great day!

    Diane (WOYWW 350 #43)

  3. You've got a lot going on!

    Good job with the cleaning/desk sorting. Mine is getting to the point where it's annoying me so I know it's time to clean. Workspace seems to be getting smaller and smaller lol. I better clean it before I break something else lol.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #42

  4. What a great find with the bag, Sandy. I doubt it was the same brand over here, but I well remember my DIL loving her 'baby bag' for all sorts of stuff when travelling anywhere. So much so, she bought one for herslef, as well as the baby bag! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx

  5. A diaper bag is a great idea to use for a craft bag. They are roomy and tons of pockets. I like the magic transformation of your desk from dumping ground to organized space! TA DA! Thanks for the visit earlier. PJ #55

  6. You want to learn Welsh, huh? Ok, how about:
    Bore Da (pronounced boar-eh Da) Good Morning
    Prynhawn Da (Prin-how-n Da). Good Afternoon
    Nos Da (Norse Da) good night
    Iechyd Da (yeck-id Da). Good health/cheers (when drinking!!)
    You've got butterfly mind syndrome, like me! I can't settle to anything much at the moment. I think that now I'm not doing craft fairs, there's no target as such. And I can only foist so much stuff onto my friends, lol!!
    What a great idea using that diaper bag, wipe clean is awesome :-). We have loads of Orla Keily stuff over here too.
    Hugs, LLJ 9 xx

  7. That is an amazing transformation Sandy! And what a great idea to use a diaper bag! (Nappy bag in British English!) And just to add to Jan's crash course in Welsh, how about this: Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch - it's the name of a Welsh town and possibly the longest word in the wold! Check it out if you don't believe me! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #40

  8. I personally think that is brilliant. It keeps everything all neat and tidy and now I'm sitting here thinking hmm, that would be a great idea for all my coloring books and markers when I'm mobile again! Thanks for the idea and the vist!
    Angie #48

  9. Well done on the desk tidy. I've got two pair of Orla Kiely shoes, designed for Clarks Shoes. They are my favourite. I've got a cup as well
    Enjoy your crafting
    Lynn xx 15

  10. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a list maker, too. It's the only way I can survive. Love that bag. May have to check out Target!
    Cathy #53

  11. Well that IS some woyww magic! What a brilliant idea, that bag sounds wonderful, Sandy Leigh!

    Thank you for the visit this week, I appreciate you stopping by!

  12. A perfect bag for the job I think! x

  13. I really love the 'before and after' photos - great job on decluttering and OHMY... what a smart and beautiful bag that is! Great idea... I will look for something similar here in the Netherlands. Thanks for the tip and thanks for stopping by my blog last week, have a great day! Hug from Holland, Marit #45