Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentines Tree

There are many things you could upcycle or recycle to create the base for your Valentines tree. And if nothing else, snap off a few tree branches, paint them white and add glitter! I have done that, but this post features an upcycled photo tree purchased many moons ago from the Hallmark store.
Some stitched felt, sparkly beads and wire, and a few cross-stitched hearts transform it into a Valentines tree!

See here for more about stitching felt hearts on diecut circles.

Stitching frippery is a great on-the-go project. Just diecut your shapes ahead of time, pack some pearl cotton no. 5 floss and you can stitch up your cute frippery everywhere you go.

 Be sure to use a small length of floss to make a hanging loop on each ornament, and then get your tree base ready. A few cut branches in a tall vase would make a stunning Valentine tree display. But I was about ready to get rid of this old Hallmark photo tree when I decided to transform it. The original idea from Hallmark was that you would buy their teeny tiny ornament frames, and somehow come up with teeny tiny versions of your photos to hang on here. Well that was never going to happen--I could barely see photos that size without my glasses! This tree is metal, and with all those little hooks on it, there were definitely other possibilities.
Playing with bead and wire is one of my favorite things. These gorgeous, sparkly acrylic beads, I picked up at JoAnns, and a little copper wire turned into some pretty accents for the top of the tree. Sitting on my sunporch, they catch the sunlight and make the whole tree sparkle. I think eventually though, I may just spray paint it all gold.
Beads and copper wire
When I start making these little beaded wire treasures, I realize I can use them for a lot things.
This will make a cute bottle to root plant starts
From my felty frippery heart to yours, I hope you make a Valentines tree this year and enjoy your heart day.

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  1. I really love your Valentine tree - what a fabulous idea and your little felt decorations are adorable. We don't go in for Valentine stuff much, but I really want a tree now! I shall have to raid the garden for twigs.
    Hope you have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by earlier,
    Diana #23