Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WOYWW 349--Planted at the craft table

Happy Wednesday Desker!
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So...I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Just now posting my desk at 11 a.m. here in the Ozarks. It's probably too late for lovely visitors...sigh. I'll share anyway, maybe Julia will see it! I'm going through my new seed packets and deciding what to start this weekend. My phone is sitting there in my monkey! (if you don't know about my Ty Peek-a-boo, see last week's desk) and room number two in the cross-stitch dollhouse is going well! I have a new chair for the craft table - it's made by Serta and love it! I'll try to take a photo of it next time. And while crafting I'm rewatching all the old Downton Abbey's on my Amazon Prime videos. And after seeing that they had a whole dinner conversation about Gwen the maid wanting to be a secretary in season one, (spoiler alert) I can't believe that this season they acted like they didn't remember her at all!! Lords and ladies have short-term memories I guess.
Have a lovely week.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch


  1. what is it you are stitching here ? looks interesting :) ~Stacy #55

    1. I am cross-stitching a dollhouse I found on El Blog de DMC. It is actually a Spanish blog, but she has all 12 rooms she posted last year, one a month, so you can get the whole pattern now!

  2. You're early with the seed's way too cold yet here in Wiltshire! I'm going to hang on a bit longer yet. The cross stitch is lovely, it's a soothing, quiet craft to do, isn't it - I used to do quite a lot at one point. My patience is a lot less now though, lol!!
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  3. Ooh, like Jan said it's all too cold to be thinking of seeds yet, but it's nice to plan and dream of the warmer spring weather! I just had to comment on how much I love the yarn in your previous post - it looks so cozy and warm, and such a lovely colour too. Enjoy your Downton Abbeys, I really miss that series, so I might have to do the same as you and start from the beginning again!
    Thank you so much for the visit, I hope you have a great week,

  4. Hi Sandy, your cross stitch dolls house looks like fun and I love that journal you've got sitting there, the Russian dolls are so cute.

    You're so right about the Downton thing with Gwen - but I think it just goes to show that servants were never really "seen" by their masters.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the series and have a fun and creative week. Hugs MMx #32

  5. I don't think you're that late! The cross stitch looks like fun - maybe it will inspire me to drag mine out again.
    Sharon K #44

  6. Not done any crossstitch in a long time, but that looks good.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week.
    Catherine X #34

  7. Oh golly Sandy Leigh I'm always late to the party, someone will always stop by and say hey!

    #49 this week
    with mixed media mess

  8. I'm afraid it's bred into them, the lives of the downstairs people just aren't important enough to remember, it's not they have bad memories! Social history that Downton! Am loving the cross stitch, you seem to have it all together! Might need to include the new chair in a photo so we know what to envy!!

  9. There are loads of people behind you, so you're not that late, Sandy! And I thought I was late coming in at #36! I guess season one happened in 1912, so they forgot about the maid in over a decade. I must say, I did as well! But when you rewatch it, it becomes obvious. Do you have Grey's Anatomy on Amazon Prime over there? We used to have it here, then out of nowhere they took it off! I was so annoyed! I'd only just started rewatching the early seasons - one night I happily went downstairs to watch a few more episodes, only to find that they were no longer available. Oh well. Will have to learn to live without it. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #36

  10. My 83 year old aunt spends the winter months planning a new theme for the garden. We've had many over the years for which she has won awards and she only has the tiniest of backyards.
    Lynn x

  11. Oh that baboushka fabric is fun - I love it. x Jo

  12. Better late than never....I love the baboushka fabric too. My DH spent time ordering and has received his seeds. He enjoys trying some new things each year, I had him get some kale, and swiss chard too. Love any cross stitch project but kind of bothers my eyes of late. Enjoy

  13. Of course we'll come visit you even if you are late. You just gotta wait for us to get out of bed again. Love that fabric on your journal. The cross stitch house is a cute idea. As for seed packets... we are moving to a place with a large yard and I joke what will we do with it? Everyone says plant a garden like they forget we live in Southern Arizona with lousy soil and a burning sun. LOL! Thanks for the visit earlier. Keep on keeping on! PJ #53

  14. Your cross stitch looks lovely. I enjoy x stitch but don't do so much since I found papercrafting. Oh lucky you having a new chair. I hope it's nice and comfy. Good luck with the seed planting. Is it flowers or veggies. Have a happy week. Barbxx #45