Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Tricks for Your Old Bag--Crafter Style

Here's a little Thursday tip...go vintage with your bag, but pretend like it's new.

Still hanging onto some of your oldest bags? I bought this Coach leather toaster-style bag back in 1985. I'm really pretty sure it was 1985--I was right out of college and working in a big city, and I wanted a big girl bag. I loved this thing to pieces. Now, this isn't the only vintage Coach in my bag stash, but it's probably one of my favorites because it stayed very pristine looking I have to say. Except for maybe the hardware has not aged as nicely as I would wish. It may not have seen the light of day for over a decade at a time, wrapped in tissue paper in a drawer.

So what would make me want to bring this bag out again and feel like it was cute? The little chain holding the original Coach tag was very tarnished, so that's where I started. I took a gold bracelet that I never wear, and used that for the tag. Love. Then I picked up this tassel at Michaels, with a coupon of course--I love this tassel decor, and I switch it around and use it on tote bags too. On the other side I added ribbon and a cool energy rock charm from my bead stash--I wanted to give the old girl some energy!

And there she is, ready to go out and be seen again. This bag was made in the factory in New York back then and still has the amazing Coach smell. Also, you can clearly see its serial number on the inside pocket. And I'm quite sure these vintage Coach bags in this style are easily available on ebay. This bag, though, is sentimental to me. It's one of the first things I bought with my first real job, and it has lots of good memories. I could never sell her! So here she is, all dressed up for a day on my arm 30 years later!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch

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  1. My daughter is a COACH fanatic. She would love this vintage bag. Go you for breathing new life into a beautiful piece. Creative Blessings! Kelly