Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Fresh White Space to be Creative - WOYWW 352

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I had been looking at my green cubby shelves on my craft desk for so long I wasn't really seeing them anymore. Even worse, although I was periodically cleaning them out, I let rarely and never-used things take up too much of that precious real estate. Space that you access daily should not become warehouse storage! So it was time for a change. Thanks to my hubby, and seven cans of spray paint, the cubbies are refreshed, white, and ready to be both functional and pretty which equals inspiring. The desktop got fresh coats of white paint too. 

The whole thing involved a lot of cleaning out and agonizing editing-of-my-stuff, but it had to be done, and I'm so happy with it now!
A view to the left with some newly found knitting needles laying  there by my Midori. This kind of clean-out meant discovering brand new things I had put away somewhere! Now on the shelves are the things I use daily and weekly, and a few things I just want to look at. When I get tired of them, I'll change them out!
Everyone decided I should use the initial mug for pens, so I am!
A view to the right. A new edition to the craft desk is my makeup organizer. I'm one of those who always did the makeup in the bathroom. Storing your makeup in the bathroom is not really a great idea, especially if you have some nice makeup! (I love my Too Faced Love Flush blush wardrobe I got for Valentines and want it to last and last.) With this painting party I realized my craft desk can also be a vanity any time of day or night. While my desk doesn't get a paint job often, I need a paint job daily - tee least a little! Since my makeup lives in a Caboodles clear acrylic makeup organizer, I can easily move my mirror and makeup if I really need to spread out a project.
Those are silk flowers - my solution until my summer cutting garden gets going.
And on the desk is a doodle stitching I had started and had stored it in another box, so I've pulled it back out to be in the stitching queue again! The laptop stays on a pullout on the right, and my Orla Kiely (diaper) bag stuffed with my daily crafting (where things in the queue also go) is on the left pullout. It was so funny while I was doing this revamping, the room began to look like "Hoarders" when I unloaded this craft desk. It made me realize how much this desk can hold! It's a vintage wooden office desk, and I can just paint it all I want and I still love it. Then, I started watching "Hoarders" while I was cleaning--talk about inspiration. I just didn't want to load the cubbies back up again like they were before. By the way, hubby originally made these mailbox cubbies years ago, and he's so kind to have painted them for me again!
Happy Wednesday lovelies.

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  1. Hi Sandy Leigh, you are certainly getting organised and your storage area is looking good. I wish I was still young when makeup made a difference! hehe Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  2. Ooh, those cubbies look fantastic! I've never really noticed them before, but the fresh white paint makes them really stand out. It was interesting to have a peek at your precious stuff that you've chosen to have some lovely bits and pieces. Your personality definitely comes out through your choice of objects!! And as it's such a bright area what better place to do your make up? I think I'm going to copy you and keep mine in my new room because the light in my bedroom is not good...and I need all the help I can get these days!! I wear a minerals powder foundation and mascara every day, it may not make much difference but I feel less haggard with some on, lol!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  3. You have a beautiful workspace, and those cubbies look fabulous as they are not too cluttered. Taking the view to not allow them to be warehouse space but make the useable space is a very valid process, one that I need to apply to my whole craft room really! Judith xx #32

  4. Your newly painted cubbies are really great, and all your bits and pieces displayed look lovely.
    It's nice to have a tidy up and clear out some stuff occasionally makes you realise how much stuff you have hidden away.
    Happy WOYWW. Jan. No 33

  5. Hi Sandy! That's quite a transformation! I love your display unit with all the cool, colorful stuff in the cubbies! Very pretty! I always feel these decluttering sessions are very theraputic - almost like a breath of fresh air and a weight off my shoulders! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #34

  6. Colour, colour, colour...just had to stop and look closely! Makes me want to re-organise all my crafty stuff ha ha. Happy Woyww. Dawn #43

  7. I am so envious that you have a handy hubby - I am the handyman here - and it is nice to have a clear out (usually forced by some occurrence) coz you find things you have forgotten about. Yours does look nice and feminine. Enjoy x Jackie 23

  8. Doesn't that feel good when you have revamped, re-organized and sorted stuff. The cubby holes look really good; it's quite a transformation and they pop out now (I never really noticed them when they were green).

    Have a good week,

  9. Six cans of spray paint! Totally worth it though, it all looks fabulous...I love that you found bits that were new, and that you've opted to use the mug for pens. I can't believe the flowers are silk, they look amazing, and so pretty. Hang in there, it won't be long till cutting season!

  10. oooh I love that you gave your shelves a make over the white is so fresh for spring. and I am grinning because, I have one of those little pink camera's and ( its in my camera bag) so, its fun to see yours out like art :) ~Stacy #53

  11. Love your revamped storage shelves - they look so pretty and neat. I also love your Midori. Thank you for visiting today :) Linda #51

  12. I love your desk space. It looks great. Cone do mine!!!!
    Diane WOYWW #31

  13. What wonderful cubby space! Looks great

    Sharon K #42

  14. Your craft space looks so fresh and gorgeously styled. So much to see and inspire.

  15. Wow - your cubbies look so clean and tidy. And your desk looks great. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier.
    April #41

  16. Your cubbies are gorgeous, so fresh and bright, and I love how you've arranged them - they look so stylish and just draw you to the work desk. I have to admit I put my makeup on in the gloomiest corner of the house - I find bright light is terrifyingly honest at my age!!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #27

  17. lovely.As soon as spring arrives mine are also ready for painting..just a great refresher. Thanks for sharing