Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happiness In the Bag and It's Charming--Designer Vs. Affordable Bag

Do you love a good bag? I do! I really have a thing about my bags. I've always been that way, even when I was a little girl. But as a crafter, I like large bags because I always have something with me to work on, and don't even get me started on cute tote bags!

I think my favorite character on TV whom I consider queen of the art of a beautiful bag is Olivia Pope on Scandal. However, I don't choose to have a Tom Ford or Prada budget--but that didn't keep me from wanting a gorgeous structured black bag to go with everything and everywhere. So I got one! My way.
My turnlock black bag has this wonderful huge pocket in the front.
I know, when it comes to the bag that truly makes you happy, sometimes we convince ourselves that it has to be the ultra expensive designer bag, or at least a Michael Kors satchel. But why? The number one reason seems to be, because it will last a lifetime. The thing is though, that either it won't, or trust me, you'll still get tired of it. So why worry about what will last forever? And keep in mind, if you really broke the bank and bought something like an
Hermès bag as an investment, wouldn't you need to keep it in a vault?

I love the zipper pocket on the bag and the part-chain shoulder strap

It is, though, important to know what you like and exactly what you're looking for. It's fun to have a bag wardrobe you love, and it's fun to have one you don't feel guilty about spending money for. So when you see it, and it's a great price, it's made of pebbled vegan leather, and that vegan leather actually smells good...those are important things to know in your purse-suit of purse happiness. I'm describing my new black turnlock bag from Charming Charlies. I'm not a CC spokesperson, but lately I've really enjoyed the kind of bags they make.

For my black designer bag dupe I was looking for:
1. A serious black bag
2. A large bag that could hold my planner, purse essentials, stitching I'm working on and possibly documents. Maybe my lunch too.
3. Beautiful, shiny gold hardware.
4. Completely zips up for this one.
5. A large bag, but not a tote. An actual purse.
6. Vegan leather that looks and feels like real leather, and smells good!

I proved to myself I could find exactly what I wanted. In this price range the longevity of the hardware has concerned me, but I've had expensive bags in the past with hardware that completely tarnished. I do have another CC bag from last summer, the coral crush satchel, and I have to say the hardware on that one is still shiny, gold and gorgeous so it will be ready to come out again in the spring.

Here's my little comparison to the designer bags that inspired me, and I'm still so happy with my vegan bag.
Givenchy - Charming Charlies - Michael Kors

   Click here to see how I spiced up my vintage Coach bag.

Wouldn't it be fun to go bag shopping with Olivia Pope? Although I doubt she ever has time to shop--maybe Huck does it for her.

Click here to see this bag on the Charming site.

Now that I've got the structured black bag I wanted for everyday--plus I got a rose beige bag that day on sale that is sooo cute--I just need one of the color crush bags for spring.

Spoken like a true bag lady..."Now, I just need..." See, it wouldn't matter what I spent! I'd still need another bag. Especially if the Birkin Bag was in the vault!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch  


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