Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Yes--that is a Mollie Makes on my desk as they now have them for the first time at Barnes & Noble!!
Happy What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday! I'm a quick one today because I'm a bit tired from gardening, housework, stitching, working, and running around! Captured my desk as I was working on one of my Bliss Banners this week--just scroll back through my blog to see all eight of them. I'll post the whole strung-up thing on Thursday.
And by the way--if this is posted, that means our dear Julia is up and running a bit more, and I'm so thankful she is healthy and back home!
And here's my new baby--a little pink thing called the Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera. Basically, it's my new polaroid style camera. I LOVE it. The photos are credit card sized--perfect for having fun with in my art journal and scrapbooking. I picked it up for half price at Michaels with a coupon--my sister and I neither one could resist! She got a blue one. I have to say, the technology is so much better with this one than any of my old Polaroid cameras.
Have a happy week and stay well everyone!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Healthy


  1. Oh I love that little camera - you will have to show us a few of your credit card sized pics too! Check out my last weeks post for some fabric cupcake pics! x Jo

  2. I have had that camera on my wish list for a while but was worried the photos would be too small. Following your recommendation I may just have to get it! Which magazine is that on your desk? Diane #40

  3. Oh how cute. so it prints just like a polaroid, right from the camera? I love the credit card size of it. Brigita #60

  4. I laughed when I saw that camera! Immediately, it reminded me of a little're going to have to name it Piggly wiggly or something. It's soooo cute! You'll definitely have to show us what the little photos look like, is the resolution still ok?
    And I spy a Mollie Makes mag on your desk! Do they print it in the US now? I've just taken out a subscription to a new sewing mag called Love Sewing. You'd love it - there are loads of free patterns, templates etc and loads of links to free tutorials as well as adverts. I love it, it's the best craft mag I've seen for a long time - much better than the crochet one I also get. Watch this space is all I'm saying!!
    My friend who is a nurse had warned me about 'Fat, Fertile and 40' being a target group for gall bladder problems...sigh. Aging is great, huh??!
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xxxx

    1. Jan you are so cute!! I will name her Piggly Wig!! And yes, for the very first time, our Barnes & Noble is carrying Mollie Makes. They told me they just got the subscription to it, and I told them how my wonderful friend across the ocean sent me my first issue ever! They had the spring issue at Barnes & Noble, and I love it. I also get the Cross Stitch mag that's published in the UK--best c-s mag ever. So I'm sure Love Sewing is incredible!

  5. How precious and adorable is that camera!! I miss polaroids, what a fun thing! Loving the lovely lace on your table too. Thanks for the visit today, started the day off well! Winnie#50

  6. I will have to go and take a look at your banner, it looks fabulous already! oooh, I might have to just put that camera on my birthday wishlist, I have been wondering what they were like, so cute too!
    have a great week, Debxx

  7. I love your desk very busy looking! I wondered about that camera when I saw it last week. I may have to look into one. I am sure the technology now days is so much better but was disappointed with the box of polaroid photos from my childhood cause they had faded to sepia color or worse...erased away. Now days I think I would scan them before scrapbooking them! Have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog. btw I love my clip it holders. I have two...a big one from Clip It and one from Michaels. A friend made her own using a harp and shade ring she picked up at Salvation Army. What was neat about that was that the top was narrower and recessed in so it was easy to see everything! Vickie #19

  8. evening.... what an interesting desk..... all that pretty and colourful haberdashery. But the little camera is so cute I didn't know they still made instant cameras, digital is great but sometimes you just want a picture in your hand without all the down loading jiggery stuff.
    have fun with it
    janet #17

  9. Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting mine earlier. The little camera is amazing, never seen one like it. I'm sure the photos will be better than the old Polaroids, love to see some when you use it.
    Having said that I sold my old one on Ebay and got more for it than I had originally paid for it.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #45

  10. Look at that camera--how much fun is that little baby!!!

    Thank you for stopping by, Sandy Leigh, and a happy woyww to you!
    (I've been gardening, too--all the rain has made everything a little, well, yellow in my poor plot!)

    #66 this week

  11. ah Sandy not sure if will get this comment through it is hopping all over the shop!! great camera would love to visit Michael's with some coupons too :D happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #31 thanks for visit already!

  12. Great fun camera, hope the pictures are good - do show us! Your desk looks full of great buys, lucky you! Helen 11

  13. Omg how cute is that camera and it will print the pics for you I use to love my old Polaroid camera they where so much fun.
    Hugs Nikki 6

  14. What a great camera idea! I am amazed how much my inkpad collection grew- I swear there are inkpad fairys adding to them when I'm not looking, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #30xx

  15. Thank you for your visit last week, sorry I didn't get round to replying! I have camera envy! Karen