Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Time -- It's Almost Easier to Live In the Moment

When I'm sitting outside on a warm breezy summer morning, whatever I'm doing just seems to be a little more relaxing than usual, very zen, and completely refreshing. Here's a few things I need to do more of and inhabit every moment with thankfulness and bliss.
♥ Enjoy more morning coffee - like a meditation. Taking a few moments with my coffee and the fresh breeze makes me more thoughtful and really sets a good mood for the day.
♥ It's  time to knit something with that fun t-shirt yarn I made last year!
 ♥ Let myself feel calm and happy as if I'm walking by a fountain or a waterfall through the whole day.

 ♥ Create fun scenes like this in the garden!
♥ Add some entries to the cutest upcycled art journal I've ever made.
♥ Well I may not have an adorable antique stove like this -- but I do have the ability to plan some fun summer meals.
♥ I need to type on this thing more for some fun summer art journaling and scrapbooking.
♥ Bento box lunches are the best -- it's time to get those guys back out of the cupboard and make some fun to-go lunches.
♥ I totally need to play checkers outside with somebody! That is summer!
♥ I bought the most amazing blueberry preserves the other day--so good! I'm definitely buying a couple of more jars of that amazing stuff to enjoy with my coffee.
♥ After all this fun it will be time for some afternoon zen moments in a nice chair, with a nice book or a little stitching and fresh air.

 ♥ My stitches are being turned into some nice patches for a future little art quilt. My week is planned!

Have a wonderful week enjoying your summer time moments each day.

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch, Enjoy

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