Thursday, June 5, 2014

You Can Take It With You--A Little Stitching To Go

Do you take it with you? That is, your knitting, your stitching and crochet? It's all fine and good if you carry around a big tote bag or purse. But some days, when I am out and about I prefer a small bag--like a cute little cross-body bag, and yet I still have to have some stitching with me! I'm a maniac that way! So when I found these adorable little pink satin snap purses (there were three nested in the set) I took the tiniest one to make into my cross-stitch bag. Obviously, I am not putting in some huge cross-stitch or embroidery project with a pattern--oh no. These are tiny little cross-stitch motifs to stitch that will eventually get stitched onto bigger mixed media projects.
All I really need in this tiny bag is little aida cloth squares I've cut, a couple of skeins of floss--I'm just working with variegated right now--my needle, and my stork scissors. That's it! So no matter where I land, whether I'm in a waiting room, a long queue, or I'm happily just the rider on a trip...I feel like I'm still accomplishing something! I even remember being a backstage ballet mom, and always having my stitching with me, and being in shows in my town's Little Theatre, and stitching when I'm not on stage!

Hearts are very easy for me to do, no pattern needed, but you can also stick a little motif pattern in there--and many of those look very cute with just the one variegated skein of floss. Happy stitching!
It's all in this tiny bag!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch Happy

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