Thursday, May 29, 2014

Listen to the Floss Lady--Making Your Own Floss Cards

There are so many great ways to store your embroidery floss. I have a huge DMC Stitchbow organizer - which I plan to blog about soon - and I always have a cute basket of clothespins (click here to see that blog) with floss wrapped around them. But when I was doing a reorganization of my Stitchbow binder and had some extra skeins I didn't need to go onto the Stitchbow floss holders, I decided to card them up. And, if you know me, I always have to do things a little differently--I found a cute free download on Pinterest for a floss holder (just search, there are many) and I printed it, glued them onto a heavy black cardstock and cut them out.

Then, I started doodling on the black cardstock! That was fun. A good creamy white gel pen makes it easy. You can doodle little sayings - your initials - or the floss numbers. I'm also using these little cards for miniature cross-stitching kits that fit into my bag so I always have something to do! It would make a cute gift for your stitching friend too.

I don't know if I like the back or the front more!
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