Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WOYWW 245--A Valentine, An Art Journal, and Some Words

 Dear, dear deskers--I really think I'm gaining a little momentum as February speeds by. I mean, it's almost Valentines Day! I'm actually making a few cards...and in the process I think I'm envying those who make cards as a business. What a lovely, lovely pastime it is to make a card! I want to make a bunch. But then, I've also been better about art journaling...though I don't claim to be the greatest artist...nowhere near. I've even stitched a Valentine mug rug for darling daughter--as I trust she never reads my blog, I can share it! It snowed again Monday morning--but weatherman promises we are on a warmup! This summer girl hopes so, because this coming weekend I'll be starting some of my seeds. I've already bought about 22 packs of seeds and new trays from Wally World (Wal-Mart) - many of them for only 20 cents. Woo hoo! I can start some of my tomatoes and peppers on my greenhouse.
In the meantime, I have finished stitching the Valentine mug rug, and I'll show it here. Lately, my favorite thing to do at my worktable is to stitch and watch videos from Lindsey the Frugal Crafter on my tablet--she is full of wonderful tips and information! I highly recommend subscribing to her YouTube channel.

Okay, so this is supposed to be a surprise--so don't tell, but here is the finished little mug rug--it stitched up in no time.

Visit What's-On-Your-Workdesk-Wednesday and see if you can find any other secrets laying around on someone's desk, somewhere on the planet!

Um...Downton Abbey peeps, did you notice that Mr. Bates totally gave up his chance to visit America! The Earl was not thrilled about going himself either! Oh well, I don't care as I'm much more concerned with Lady Edith's baby!! And where's her missing beau!

Happy Valentines Day lovelies!
A basket of happy

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch Lovely Thoughts


  1. Love that you enjoy a wide variety of crafts, I am much the same, can't seem to stick with just one! I have a very short attention span! Love your journal and the mug mat for your daughter is so adorable, I am sure she will love it!
    Debxx #7

  2. I'm in love with your mug rug. It's adorable. And I like that you are continuing your journaling, too. I'm as tired of winter as you and now I have GREENHOUSE envy, as well as seed envy. I need to get out, I guess (grin). Happy WOYWW from #1.

  3. I can sew, but wont! Love what you have made...makes me think about trying...thats as far as it will go... #32

  4. I love that last picture, so full of colour and happiness :-) I just love the flow of the bright flosses. It makes me want some even though I know I will never embroider like you!! That Owl mug rug is fab, love the sentiment, lol. It's so sweet, your gal will love it, I know!
    (Am now struggling to type as Harry the Cat has kept on my lap" demanding fuss!)
    Guess what? On the Create and Craft shopping channel this week, they were featuring all the Downton Abbey fabrics....and your's was there. On TV! Woohoo. And after seeing them all, I still like the Dowager selection best :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  5. That really is a basket op happy! Love it.
    The mug rug is cute and will be well loved i am sure.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  6. I have never heard of the word mug rug! It sounds so much nicer than the word coaster, love your cute mug rug!
    Jackie 22

  7. Mug rug - cute! Planting seeds? You must live in the South. Here in PA we're expecting more snow tonight and there is still mounds of snow that hasn't melted. I knew Lady Edith won't go through with "it" I hope there's a joyful reunion for her soon. As far as Mr. Bates...well I hope he's very clever when dealing with that scum. Happy Trails Carole #68

  8. Love the owl mat - a perfect little Valentine gift. xJo

  9. lovely mix of crafting going onat your desk, Happy woyww Jill #35

  10. Just popped back to say - yes, I painted the canvas with a little match pot of paint and then stitched the pieces onto it with hand stitches etc.

  11. Love your mug rug! Didn't know they were called that, so clever. I will have to check out that youtube channel. thanks for the tip. Downtown Abbey fanatic here , too!
    Cathy C #89

  12. oops that would be #90 at WOYWDW

  13. Oh you sound happy and fulfilled..how marvellous. I don't make cards for a living..but you're right, there's a lot of therapy in card making! the mug rug is a sweet present, Owl always be impressed by your stitchery!

  14. Aw your desk is so colourful. Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 71

  15. great desk... the thing is I work in a craft shop surrounded by gorgeous fabric wool buttons beads etc. but I would love to make cards for a living that would be awesome. Ah Downton Abbey do you want to know what happens .......?????? nah! not telling.
    have a good week

  16. That owl is adorable, Sandy--oh wow, I knew I should have been paying more attention this week, I missed the first part. So many things going on. I just wanna smack that butler across his smug little face--you know who I mean, right?

    (The swap journal will be shown on Friday; she should have it in hand by then, so no spoilers!)

    #13 this week with
    Tiny books and Valentines

  17. Love the variety on your desk and that owl!!!
    Thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place!
    Robyn 9

  18. Love the things you create with your stitching. Too cute. Brigita #88

  19. Your blog is a delight to visit! Thank you for following me! I know I will be back to visit you! Stay warm!