Friday, August 31, 2012

The Great Inspiration Friday (TGIF)

Ahhh...we have made it to another Friday. I work in a lovely office during the week--but on the weekends, and some week nights when I have the energy, I am stitching, cutting, gluing, drawing, writing, cooking, gardening, and creating something.

Probably, because this is not a paid position, but rather a passion, I'm pretty driven. It's just something inside your soul that wants to be expressed. And Fridays are a great time to power up your inspiration for your weekend crafting.

So, I've renamed TGIF - The Great Inspiration Friday. Where do you get inspired? I find it everywhere. I get out my craft books, magazines...I go to Barnes & Noble and browse around...I look at all the blogs I follow...and I always love a weekend trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They offer coupons every week, so I keep a perpetual shopping list of what I'm going to need now and in the future, so that I can eventually get all the things on my list at 40 or 50 percent off the retail price. Good idea, right?

One Friday, I started watching Etsy TV on YouTube...that was awesome inspiration to see all of those amazing artists and crafters and what they will do and sacrifice to follow their passion.

I love to spend an afternoon at a good arts and crafts fair too! I'm sure we all do. And sometimes I just walk around my house and find things to embroider or sketch out. And as a blogger, there is always that magical time of day when the sun is just right and you have your little photoshoot. I have to have the sun--I will not shoot with flash. I have a white table I love to photograph things on when I'm shooting my creations--and I like to take it outside to my dark brown wicker coffee table. I just put a fresh coat of white linen paint on a pullout surface in my crafty desk, because in the afternoon sun coming through that window, it's a great place to photograph. Writing about my stitching and creating I think motivates me to keep it going, find new ideas, and create more. It's like feeding the soul and nourishing the heart. Now...if I just didn't have to make myself get on the darn treadmill every morning! But I do love watching a good Meryl Streep movie while I'm on the TM.

It's no secret that Saturday is my absolute favorite day of the week--so I dearly love Friday...a day full of hope and inspiration...the yellow brick road to my rainbow.

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch all weekend.


  1. Lovely post! Your stitching looks amazing and your breakfast looks fabulous.

    Sarah x

  2. A lovely read. I get inspiration from almost everywhere -- the great outdoors, blogs, colours, Pinterest, books......... Happy Friday and wishing you the happiest of weekends!