Saturday, August 18, 2012

Very Cuke

So here we go--a quick, healthy refrigerator snack. A no-brainer really. Go to the Farmers Market or out to your garden...gather those fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes and cucumbers...and get chopping. Here are the three ingredients, in any quantity you prefer.

Fresh chopped tomatoes (combine red and yellow to make it pretty)
Fresh chopped cucumbers
Fresh chopped red onion

Feel free to also add fresh chopped basil. Now, keep this in the fridge, or in a few small containers that you can grab to go. Add salt to taste and enjoy this al fresco...or drizzle on some Italian dressing or even ranch dressing. You are good to go! This is what summer tastes like. The weekend is a great time to put these kinds of snacks together, and have them ready to go on Mondays! And who doesn't love cukes!

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