Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday's Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Tuesday is not too special. In fact, it's the day of the week notorious for not being too special.  Mondays are tough. (OMG--Oh Monday, Gag!) Wednesday is hump day. Thursday is the end of the week. Everyone thanks God for Friday. Weekends are sacred. And then, there's poor ole Tuesday.

So...I just quickly thought of ten things that make me happy on a Tuesday. No biggie. Just making the day count!

So here goes...my Tuesday top ten. Love ya, Tuesday!

1-It all starts at home--my family. They are awesome. Be thankful for your family. Isn't my mom cute? She's 86!
2-My kitties. I usually have two or three kitties--they almost always live a long life. They just make me happy. Every day they do something to make us all laugh. It's like having extra children.
3-Yarn. That's all. Lots 'o yarn.
4-Floss. Skeins and skeins of it! When I look at my floss and yarn, my imagination blossoms.
5-A bouquet from my garden just makes my day. (I can hear angels singing.)
6-Summer pasta salad for lunch! It's all I need.
7-Fresh preserving my garden tomatoes. It's fun to do, and really nice, in the middle of winter, to open up this jar and experience the fresh aroma of your garden all over again.
8-Anything to do with Russian dolls! (Why am I so obsessed with nesting dolls?)
9-A garden full of fresh basil. I look at my basil patch and I see salad, bruschetta, pesto, sandwiches, pasta dishes, tomato sauces...just a garden full of culinary happiness. I keep a big pot of basil growing on my greenhouse sunporch all winter.
10-Stitching the day away. Stitching on the sunporch, sitting and chatting with everyone...stitching in bed, watching a good movie...stitching on the deck in the fresh air...stitching like I just don't care!

Sew...that's my Tuesday Top Happiness Ten! Think of ten things in your life that make you happy and you will just get this smile on your face without even trying.


  1. Well, Sandy - apart from the tomato canning and rampant basil, I agree with all those simple pleasures!! I would add watching the red kites and buzzards soaring over my garden while pegging out my washing today.... and picking French beans and cucumbers :P

  2. What a delightful list! I am so thankful that you have all of these lovely things in your life that you are thankful for!