Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LOST and FOUND -- At My Workdesk Wednesday

Alright...here we go...it's actually Tuesday night here in America and I am getting ready to have a TV date with hubby to watch one of our favorite shows (Grimm), and I looked at my desk and it's a wreck. What better time to snap a photo? Right? IT'S A TRAINWRECK and a catchall for the dozen things I've got going. 

See more beautiful workspaces where our lovely hostess presents all the links at WOYWW.

Now if you want to see more of this madness and mess...keep reading and I'll show you what's lost and what's found.
FOUND! My old roledex from the 1980's! Can you believe it. At some point, in the 1990's I turned it into a recipe roledex, and then it went away...somewhere. Recently someone posted a blog about turning these old roledex cards into ATC-like art pieces. Brilliant! So I dug out my old roledex, and here it sits.

LOST! I'm lost at learning how to crochet...been trying to teach myself all week. Post to come later, because I'm not giving up. Here is actually my second try at a little square. My first try at the square turned into a circle. Not kidding. This is embarrassing. I'm great at knitting. What's wrong with me! So...don't laugh...okay laugh, but here is a closeup of the disaster.

Look at this. It's not even either! I think I had turned it the wrong way halfway through a row. AND it's a circle! Hmmm...maybe I can turn it into a flower? I can't believe this was supposed to be a square.

Anyhoo...I started over. I can do this!

FOUND! At some point I actually bought these really fun Susan Branch stamps! I completely forgot about them and stumbled onto them when searching for the roledex. I think I need a personal assistant this week!

I am still making angels and designing the patterns and planning the Etsy shop. Busy is good, right? Crafty hugs everyone...see you at your worktable soon! Hope mine is neater next time. Hubby is waiting to watch our show!! He sends his best too.

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch your heart out!


  1. I'm having trouble commenting, this is my second attempt.
    I am looking for Grimm now (always onthe look out for new programmes since moving from uk to Canada).
    Great find, your Rolodex, will you be cooking old stuff too?
    Famfa 16

  2. Well done in finding another use for your rolodex. I understand the trauma of crochet as I have never been able to make a square, they always turn into circles which evolve into balls!!
    Sandra @32

  3. Pinterest is your friend! I have a pin board of rolodex art.... yep. I've been looking at thrift stores for one. I spotted the PERFECT one on my boss's desk today - oh but I don't think I'd get away with that one!

    I LOVE Grimm. I watched it last night - now I'm wondering if I missed a part 2 tonight. If I did I'll be watching it on my computer!

    My blog candy is posted so check it out!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #37

  4. that show looks good, I'll have to check it out! Happy woyww-Lindsay/frugalcrafter #25

  5. Don't you just love finding old stuff and finding a good strong dose of inspiration along with it?! Have fun!!!

  6. Great idea to use the old index cards for cafting. Really there's no such thing as junk when it comes to crafting is there?

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry.... I haven't laughed at crochet as much since Julia's 'elephant' episode....hahahahhahahahahahaha

    Actually, I laugh in sympathy cos while I'm an awesome knitter too, I can't crochet for toffee...so really I'm truly admiring of your attempts. I haven't got the patience....

    And your desk is magnificent in its junkiness!!
    Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

  8. A TV date is lovely, and busy is great! The roodex thing is a lovely idea, we did something similar for a swap at the first Heidi Swapp Creative Escape, a great way to 'upcycle' your stuff. As for the crochet, hmmm. can't offer help..did you ever see my elephant attempt? I can bring Jan to tears just by referring to it!!

  9. Me again!!

    Here's the link...

    I've just re-read it and have laughed myself stupid all over again...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    I have SUCH an infantile sense of humour.... :D
    LLJ xx

    1. Now that I've experienced crochet porn courtesy of Mr. Dunnit...I think my circle up there looks a bit rude! I'm going to be laughing all day I'll have you know.

  10. Oh, I haven't seen Susan Branch stuff in years! Have fun playing! dani#33

  11. great idea for upcycling jenx 60

  12. It is always good to recycle. #22

  13. Oh, that's so cute! I don't know how to crochet either! Then again, I also don't know how to knit... ;) Keep at it, you'll get better!

    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Zildara #86

  14. Great idea using the rolodex for the ATC's! I need something to hold all the swaps I have accumulated! Crochet...to make a square you have to put a chain stitch at the end of each row when you turn or it will curl and tighten up on you. I taught myself to crochet and it was a nightmare! Hope you have better luck. Vickie #38

  15. You actually made me giggle with that square, not at you rather in sympathy with you. I can crochet, but I remember very clearly when my poor grandma was teaching me. I think I took 10 years off her life. LOL
    I am in the process of revamping my entire craftroom, so a lot of things are being found in my house.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  16. What a fun post, lots of lovely stash around and it's so good that you can laugh at yourself over your crochet attempt. All I can say is to keep going. There are so many Youtube videos which are easy to follow that will help you. I'm sure you will get there and beautifully too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
    JoZarty x

  17. Wish I could watch Grimm! Seen it advertised on SKy but we dont have sky. Happy belated WOYWW