Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To the Lovelies Who Inspire Me...I'm Visiting You Today!

I'm going on a virtual visitation! Today, I'm making a big effort to visit every blog I follow. Wouldn't it be fun if we actually could visit? We could have coffee...sit and knit...scrapbook...oh we'd have a grand time!

First of all, it really is a good idea to go check on all the blogs you follow--just to see if anyone has moved (like in real life) or if anyone has vanished from blog world. This is a courtesy to your own visitors, who, if  they are like me, check out all the folks you follow.

To me, the places and people I follow are magical. I get daily inspiration from them...I'm entertained...informed...and some make me wonder, in a wonderful way. It's all good stuff! I often visit and comment on some that I see in the daily feed--but today, I am visiting everyone! You are all important to me and I wish all the best and wonderful things to you. I hope you stay inspired, healthy, energetic, and happy. Even if we are oceans apart, thank you for being my neighbor in blog world! A big stitchy, dreamy, crafty hug to you!!

If we all lived on the same street, I'd walk around today with a basket full of tomatoes and leave some at your door! Enjoy your summer!

Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch and go visiting once in awhile!


  1. you are so sweet! I wish I could do the same...but it really has become so hard to keep up with all my followers. You are to be commended. It's so true..we read posts..and are left inspired, uplifted, encouraged, happy!

    thanks for visiting with me today...I love it when you stop by.
    happy blog hopping.

    ciao bella
    oh...I would love some tomatoes, thank you!

    Creative Carmelina

  2. Have fun visiting with everyone! I always enjoy seeing what others are doing in their own crafty neck of the woods.

  3. What a great idea to visit all the blogs one follows. Thanks for visiting mine, and for leaving a comment. And I'd gladly take one or two of those luscious tomatoes - we still have a few weeks to wait for ours to ripen.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. It'd be great if we could visit each other. I could travel around the world visiting my blogland friends! Thanks for your sweet words earlier - it's always lovely stopping in to visit you.

  5. What a lovely idea :o) Thanks for your comment on my blog hun! Hugs, Lisa x

  6. I love the picture of the yarn in this post. It inspires me to put out my lovely yarn in pretty bowls/baskets instead of in bags. Thanks for the comment at Sew Chic. I wish a Hobby Lobby was close to me so I could watch for some of those sales.