Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday at Home

Good morning! Don't ya love a Saturday at home?  

Especially if you've had a busy week of work, errands and chores. When I've been this busy, I have not even had time for my morning egg. Saturday at home means I do that extra mile on the treadmill, and have a nice brunch! I love having coffee on my greenhouse sunporch or the deck if there's a nice breeze. The temps have been much better this week, so who knows, I might actually get to take a walk around the beautiful lake at the park!
My favorite: smoked ham, egg and cheddar on a whole wheat muffin.

A nice walk and some good food, (don't forget my coffee) and I'm ready to tackle the day! Things are going pretty well in the garden. I've heard from a lot of friends whose gardens actually dried up! It has been a chore to have to water so much, but I couldn't give up on it! The tomatoes are doing great, the squash could be better, and the peppers and herbs are fine.
Daily harvest
I keep planting herb and flower seeds!

I have herbs and flowers all over the garden--diversity is very healthy in a kitchen garden. I also have a huge variety of pots with all kinds of flowers and herbs. These are handy when you just need a snippet of this or that--and the flowers just make me happy!

I just fresh-preserved another little batch of tomatoes--both red and yellow. When we have our first big family chili dinner this fall,  these will go into the chili, making it extra yummy with that garden-fresh taste. Visit my tomato-canning blog here for instructions on how to fresh-preserve your own garden tomatoes.

As I walk back up on the deck, Joseph follows me and flops down with his snake. I keep a green fake snake on the deck all the time. I don't know--it's the mischievous child in me. But at some point, Joseph decided that this was HIS snake, and he plays with it every day.

Stepping from the deck onto the greenhouse, this photo shows the long narrow end of my greenhouse sunporch. You can see my aloe vera plant way at the end, and a cat of course. I still have a shelf full of happy meal toys that my nephews like to play with. Some of them are vintage too. In the winter, my greenhouse will fill up with plants.

I'm still so proud of my picture frame project--and thank you for your kind comments about it! I took a plain brown paper frame, bought for 25 cents at a thrift store and made it into this with scrapbooking papers, stamps and glitter. Pretty basic! You can visit my paper frame blog here.

I love to wear my embroidered shorts! They are wild. That's why I'm working on embroidering two more pairs of cutoffs. It really doesn't take very long, and I feel so creative when I wear them! Crazy!

Joseph followed me into the house, and when I got down my new tote bag, he was, of course, all over it. Why does he like my new things so much? I had been wanting this India-style tote bag all summer from Target, and they just now marked them down to half price. Yay! I love a bargain. More money for crafts!

And now back to my angel project. I am designing five angel cross-stitch patterns and hand-crafted kits. So excited. It involves some beading which also makes me happy. And I found an ingenious way to keep track of my bead needle! (My bead needles were always getting mixed up with the fatter needles)

Here is a peek at my first stitched angel, done in the prettiest muted colors of DMC linen floss--I'll have better pics coming soon.

Well, it's time for tea. Thanks for hanging out with me today! I really love all my crafty blogger pals, and your comments always mean the world to me. Have a beautiful, crafty, creative day!

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch the day away.

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  1. Can you tell I'm catching up?!
    There are so many lovely things in this post... I love the snapshots of your home. Joseph looks adorable cuddling into your (rather lovely) new bag! Oh and I absolutely love your embroidered shorts!