Monday, August 6, 2012

Homemade Easy Sea Salt Potato Chips

A sandwich full of fresh-from-the-vine garden veggies needs something special to go with it--and not something out of a bag! Homemade sea salt potato chips are so easy to make, and are ready in about the time it takes to make the sandwich!

I have this wonderful contraption called a "Salad Master" that comes with different cones. This one makes the nice thin slices that I often use for baked scalloped potatoes, so today I decided to used it for my potato chips. You can use any type of mandolin that makes the thin slices, or slice them by hand. Two or three potatoes are plenty for two people.

 I tossed my sliced yukon gold potatoes in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and sprinkled them with sea salt. They go into a 400-degree oven for about 15 minutes. Turn on your convection fan to reduce the time and brown them faster--just keep an eye on them. You can tell when they are done.

I served my homemade chips with ham, cheddar, basil and tomato sandwiches on honey wheat bread. I love slicing up the yellow and red tomatoes for each sandwich.

These homemade chips would be really yummy tossed with some chopped fresh rosemary. over!


  1. Ooooo these look so yummy! But it's an hour to go until lunch......

  2. I don't eat meat but I do love a good old fashioned tomato sandwich with fresh from the garden tomatoes. And nothing goes better with a tomato sandwich than chips -- homemade is even better. The tomatoes we are finding in the grocery store here right now are not even worth buying or eating. I made my own pita chips with thin pita bread, olive oil and New Orleans seasoning but haven't done potato chips. Don't have a contraption that would slice them thin enough. :) Hope you have a great day. Tammy