Monday, August 27, 2012

OMG--Oh Monday? Gag!

Why are Mondays so hard? Why can't I get over them...I've been a grownup for a long time! How can we bash the Sunday blues for good?

I don't know all the answers...but I do know of some things that help. It's sort of like reverting to childhood: 
make sure your lunch is packed, 
your clothes are laid out, 
and your homework's done. 

I think grown people could make that work too! But it starts early in the weekend. 

First, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your Saturday! Visit with family and friends. Eat good outside...feel good about your house, even if you have to do some chores...enjoy them and be thankful for what you have!

Go to a museum, meet girlfriends at Starbucks, buy yourself a treat at the craft store. This is all stuff that makes me happy...and it's enough happiness to spill into Monday!

Smash something into your smashbook or art journal--anything! You don't have to be in I'm-Creating-Works-of-Art mode. Smash a ticket, a clipping of your extremely unreasonably priced dream bag from Vogue, a recipe you want to make, a quote or a verse that inspires you. This stuff is eye candy for the soul.

Start your own toy box. Throw in art journals, markers, stamps, stickers, things to clip, glue sticks--whatever you want to play with! On Monday morning when you're rushing around, stop and look in your toy box and smile, because you'll know it's waiting for you.

Have your lunch made--yes, it really is a good idea if you leave the house to go to work or school--have your bag packed, your clothes picked out, and cell phone charged. will have extra time to sit, relax and sip your tea or coffee in beautiful bliss. Gathering your thoughts and soothing your soul is a much better way to start the week than watching the news! My hubby and I like to sip our morning weekday coffees on the greenhouse sunporch. Even if it's just for a few minutes, I know it makes both of our days better!

Make dessert first! Plan your Monday night dinner over the weekend, and make something special for dessert! You'll be looking forward to it all day, instead of wondering what you're going to do at 4 p.m!

Check something off your To-Do list! I don't know that always feels good.

 So those are a few ideas for Oh-Monday-Gag. I'd like to see it become Thank Goodness It's Monday--okay, we know that will never happen! 


  1. I used to dread Mondays mostly because I'd never got everything done at the weekends that I'd have liked and I'd feel behind before I'd even started the week. Now I'm getting better at realising that that's a rubbish outlook and I say to myself 'Monday, the start of another week to make a difference'. Cheesy but good for my soul!

  2. I know what you mean about's because you see the end to the weekend and back to the daily grind. However, because my husband has nearly always worked shifts, we've never really been part of that Mon-Fri 9-5 thing. That is going to change when he starts a new post next week...and I am returning to maybe I'll need extra cheering up on a Sunday eve!!

    1. Absolutely! We need to ban the Sunday blues! I hope everything goes great with both of your new jobs--keep us updated on that!