Thursday, August 30, 2012

When You Hear Thunder on Thursday...

It's Thursday! The day named for the Scandanavian god of thunder, Thor. That sounds a little name a day after thunder. But a summer thunderstorm can be a bit delightful--especially when we need rain so badly here in the middle of the United States. Plus, it might start raining here before the day is over--we are expecting a huge rainfall from hurricane Issac for the next few days. In the meantime...tomorrow is the last day of August, and in my desperate love of summer, I am still trying to hang onto it! I won't give it up until possibly October. Don't judge me!
I still have flowers in the gardens around my house, and they echo my summer spirit.
I just picked more tomatoes last night--I'm going to can them tomorrow in the large quart jars my sweet neighbor gave me. Woo hoo!
I can the tomatoes, slice them up for sandwiches, make bruschetta (recipe here), fresh salsa and pasta dishes. I hope I'm still harvesting for a while. There are about a dozen plants left, looking good!

So, my fellow summer lovers how are you hanging onto the last bit of our favorite season? Here's some ideas...
Keep growing seeds--herbs and flowers are good for the soul.
Keep painting your toes!
Lounge in the fresh air. (Hi Minnie!)
Wear fun shorts! (The more embroidered, the better I say!)
Knit something in a beautifully calm spa neutral.
Wear your espadrilles! Then celebrate a summer Thursday by doing something fun--skip, dance, doodle, eat ice cream, go shopping, or just sing.


  1. Sadly we've not really had much of a summer in the north of the UK and it has turned very cold this week. I'm trying to hold out and not put the heating on. BUT I do remember what summer was like so I'm holding onto that!

  2. I've been playing at band tonight..will that do for a happy Thursday as my tomatoes haven't ripened's been too cold. I think I'll be making a lot of green tomato chutney this year!!
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

    PS Cute toes!!

    1. tomato chutney sounds good. I might do that when I have to pick all the green ones before the first frost this year. Are you in a band Jan? You are so fun!