Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dreamy Doodling with Floss--OR--I Doodled On My Shorts!

Sometimes I have to drop everything and doodle-stitch my shorts! Yes, it's yet another pair of green cutoffs. I guess I bought these green cropped summer pants years ago, and they got too big (yay me) and they just make great cutoffs. But, they're also just a little too plain for me. So I've embroidered the second pair. I had so much fun, because I just sit down with a needle, lots of floss colors, and let my DMC take me where it may. Freehand embroidery! I was feeling a little bit like the queen bee of embroidery (I know...I'm not) but that became my little theme.

This is my new sign for "Queen Bee."

Flowers and bees on the front.
Flower and butterfly on the back. I may not be done here--but I think this pair is now interesting enough to go shopping for more floss in! I had to get these going, while it's still warm enough to wear shorts! It only took a few hours and watching a couple of movies--and I guess it's sort of like people who love their tatoos...I just love wearing around my embroidery!

I dream and doodle in floss! Hmmm...what's next on my list! I'm still dreaming about getting that embroidery sewing machine! (Hello? Santa?) But I love handstitching, and always will.


  1. Love how you can totally transform a pair of shorts! You're a great Queen Bee!

  2. That is very neat, wish I was that clever
    Bridget #7