Friday, August 3, 2012

Girly Glittery Paper Frame

If you are the crafty scrappy type...then you are blessed with a special ability. You can see potential! That's what happened to me one afternoon at a thrift store 25-cent sale when I picked up a plain paper frame. Many others had passed it over, they couldn't even sell it for 29 cents...but when I looked at the plain brown hinged frame, I saw something dreamy, paid my quarter, and made my plans.

Here's how it all started.
 I've been working on some other scrappy projects, so I had my scrapbook papers, glitter and goodies very handy. I decided to cut strips for the front, and stamped a few bees on the bottom--perfect to go with my flowers and butterflies.

I fit squares of this sparkly butterfly paper for the back of the frames and kept it simple.
I have such a good time glittering!
I glittered my butterflies, a flower, and added a cute tag with a button.

Inbetween the frames, where the brown paper still showed, I colored in with blue pencils, dotted in some glue and glittered it. The effect looks like little jewels. Fun!

This is probably THE most inexpensive frame I've ever purchased--and now, one of my cutest frames ever. I've never had a paper picture frame before--but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more!

Minnie wants her own frame--she's ready for her closeup!

Eat well, Write often, Dream creatively, Stitch some love.


  1. Result!! What a bargain and how clever were you to make a sow's ear into a silk purse :) Great job, I love it!
    LLJ xx

  2. This is an extremely impressive frame. And the price would fit even MY limited craft budget (grin). I'm super impressed and appreciate you showing how you made it so fabulous, too.

  3. What an absolute bargain and its new form is fabulous! I bet you're pleased as Punch with it (I know I would be!). You should definitely make Minnie one - you don't want her to feel left out now, do you?!