Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pop in a Good Movie---Knit and Pearl!

When all else fails--I have the seed stitch. It never lets me down. It's so easy--just knit one pearl one. That's it! It makes this gorgeous bubbly texture--I want a blanket, a sweater and a scarf with this stitch! Maybe some leggings too!

I'm using this so so fun pink and white striped Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn. I am casting on 31 stitches per square--it's better to cast on an odd number with the seed stitch, so that you can just knit and pearl all down your row, and you don't have to try and remember how you started the row. Just stick with knit and pearl.

My first square had a boo boo row--but it's still going in the blanket. Reminds me I'm not perfect!
These squares are going to be part of a little blanket--so perfect for winter! I love how the white stripes just randomly show up in different places on the square--I never know where. Love it! And what I really like about my knitting is that it goes places with me. Usually when I'm working on projects at home--I'm working on things that are so full of elements, they have to be worked on at home. But my knitting is just needles and yarn and off we go! I can have a visit with family and friends and knit away. I can wait in the car for hubby or daughter and knit knit knit. We can have a movie night at home--I can stitch and watch.

Hmmm...not loving the crocheting. But I'm still trying to get the hang of it! I'm haunted by Julia's elephant! (don't ask)


  1. What a refreshing change knitting love that stitch and have done it many times but to be honest I don't like knitting but love crochet. Beautiful cotton you are using on the crochet. Thanks for popping by and visiting me.

    Eliza #24

  2. I can't knit, but I can crochet!! For some reason I just always drop stitches, lol! Love your work though!!!

  3. Oh lovely colours! I am terrible at knitting, I keep dropping stitches!