Monday, August 20, 2012

Do You Remember Your First Cookbook?

My first cookbook ever! This is a very old cookbook.
Apparently, I got an early start in my kitchen career--I've actually had my first cookbook since I was about 8 years old. Let's not go into how long that is--what I will go into is the fact that being a chocoholic starts very young.

Please note, that while most of the pages in my first cookbook are very pristine--this only proves one thing. I obviously thought all the recipes in this cookbook-for-the-young-1960's-child were junky. Except for one.

Brownies! The one, all-chocolate, very fudgey recipe in this cookbook, is the one and only recipe I ever made from it. I remember making these brownies for years and years. I had this homemade brownie recipe perfected people! I don't know how far it got me--but it did only add to my love of chocolate and my curves! (no skinny minnies here)

Notice, it's the one page that's torn and worn! I don't know why this cracks me up...but it made this little book worth keeping. It lives in my special set of cookbook shelves, on the bottom shelf with other vintage cookbooks. I have to pull it out every now and then! Sadly, we mostly make Betty Crocker brownies now...from a mix...but they're oh so good. My hubby and daughter pretty much need brownies in the house, oh, every week!

In other news--I made my second batch o salsa yesterday! This batch seems even better and chunkier than last week's, so I'm very pleased. This may be it. My wonderful neighbor gave me a whole case of canning jars, quart size, so these will be perfect for canning the rest of the tomatoes that ripen in the garden. Can't wait! There are lots of biggies still to come. I LOVE making and canning my salsa, but I have to say, canning tomatoes is quite a bit easier. So I think a couple of dozen jars of salsa is enough to get us through the year and have some for gifts. It's canned tomatoes all the way now!

I can't believe it's so late in August! I think I need a little Eat, Write, Dream, Stitch theme week this week! So today, it's Eat your brownies and make some salsa!  (that way, you can eat fresh all year)


  1. Visiting your blog always makes me hungry! I loved your first cookbook story --- I remember mine - I think I might have it in an unopened box of my old children's books (I don't throw out any books but as I have over 1000 out on shelves, I'm struggling for room!). Nom nom, yes I do believe life as a chocoholic starts early!

  2. Of course! The Betty Crocker NEW Boys and Girls Cookbook: I can still see those mice made out of canned pears with raisins for eyes. I dreamed about making the castle with the foil covered board. I also remember a section on safety and clean up in the kitchen.

    First time to your blog - thanks for the memories! Take care, Byrd