Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why Does It Matter-Day Saturday

Oh how I love my Saturdays! I'm sure we all have that special day of the week we love and adore and look forward to, and when it's here we live in the moment and love every minute! That's how I feel about Saturday. Some Saturdays, I am so energized I get the treadmill done early, and get right to my mug-o-java and a sit on the sunporch. It might even be a sit and knit if I'm feeling really happy.

If I want to actually make my walk part of my morning happiness (instead of getting that three miles over with) I take it to the park and walk by the lake. Also lovely!
It is nice not to be rushed--but I also can't linger too much over the coffee and a fresh baked muffin, or I won't get anything done!
Saturday is my chance to get into the projects I've got going on--and do some tidying up and organizing for the week if it's all going well. I don't really like to save my housework for Saturday--I'd much rather do it during the week when I'm too tired to be creative! Saturday lets me clear my head, and get some creative vision.

Eventually, I might end up out shopping with my daughter, going out for dinner, or being a night owl and staying up to catch a good movie with my hubby. Knowing I've got my little projects organized and underway is a great feeling. So I know where to pick up, just where I left off, whether it's finishing a knitting square, embroidering the face of an owl, or finishing up a cute card that was drying. Isn't it nice to see your little creative corner of the world being productive?

Saturday was named for the Roman Saturn who presided over the festival of the harvest on a Saturday and it was quite the excessive event. So let that set the tone for your excessive enjoyment of the loveliest day of the week.
This has been my theme this week, looking at each day and why it's special:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday links are here. They've all got something going on!

This is pretty much how I feel about it:

Sometimes, if I really do have the all-out Sunday blues, I end back up on the Greenhouse Sunporch -- which is our backporch sort's sweet to watch the sunset, and be thankful I even had a weekend!

This weekend, I hope you eat good food, write in your art journal, dream sweet, and thread a needle for some reason!


  1. Saturday is my favorite day of the week, too. Unfortunately, I've spent most of it cleaning. I keep saying I will clean a little every day after school during the week so that the weekends are free, but then I get home and don't want to do anything and it all piles up and when I am feeling tired, my creative juices can't flow and I wind up doing nothing crafty which makes me feel blue. It's a vicious cycle. First week back at school was so busy and on Tuesday my kids will start back, too. Your little stitching is so sweet. I've got to put my creative hat on and decide what to do. Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  2. Another lovely read, Sandy. I hope you've had a terrific Saturday!

  3. Another lovely read, Sandy. I hope you've had a terrific Saturday!