Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Minutes to Cute...little embellished hat

It all started with a trip to Michaels for floss. There, on clearance, were the cutest crocheted hats and flowers! I bought a white one, got it home, and it about squeezed my head off! What? The tag said adult sized--but apparently they mean an adult with a teeny head. I have a fat head, I guess. Darn. But what to do with these cute orange crochet flower embellishments? Wish I knew how to make them! But maybe that will happen in time--I'm still working on the crocheting. 

So then I remembered the cute hat my daughter...yes, my own teenage daughter, knitted for me! She made it out of that Oceanside Organic cotton yarn I love. I liked it plain--but now, I was in the mood to put a little more fun on my head.
We used to shop at the cutest yarn store called Simply Fibers. It was packed with the most beautiful yarns from all over the world. They had classes all the time, and the store itself was so adorably eclectic with fun furniture, knitted art hanging everywhere, and the kind of cuteness you could linger over all day. Sadly it had to close--I'm still really really sad about that. So, the party's over, but the music lingers on with all the goodies I still have from that store. So I pulled out my Joy yarn--a pretty, fun ribbon yarn and crocheted a chain to sew into the brim of my hat. It seemed to go perfectly with the orange flowers. I stitched those on next, and in less than ten minutes--a head full of cuteness! I need to get darling daughter to knit more hats!

 Ta da!
Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch up something fast!

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  1. This looks fabulous! What a fun transformation!