Friday, September 28, 2012

In My Castle Creating Art

Daily art--that's a lofty goal of mine. I've been creating new pages in my Smash Book every day--art journal style--and painting and destroying an old book to be reborn as next year's art journal. It's very satisfying to have my art supplies out every day--painting, writing, and gluing away. It also motivates me to buy and try a variety of new coloring tools. I think I'm finally in touch with my inner six-year-old who was never seen without her crayons and coloring book. They went to bed with me and before the sandman had left my sleepy eyes, I was busy at my "desk" (an old converted night-stand) coloring away.

While I'm hanging around my castle this weekend (see, art journaling does things to you--like making you call your house your "castle") I'm going to stitch a few knit squares together for a mixed-media project, and contribute to my art journal, and plan out some handmade Christmas cards for this year. But I think I'm most excited about working on a little fabric scraps ATC to send to my lovely Jan across the pond! The sun will be shining here in the Ozarks--there will be a shopping trip to Kohls (I'm addicted to low-price Vera Wang) and there may actually be some housework--err--castlework accomplished!
This weekend: Eat out...Write in... Dream it up... Stitch it down.

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  1. Hey, fabric scrapping rules!! I'm going to start tomorrow as I've been busy catering for Julia's Christmas card workshop all day. I'm sitting with my feet up at the moment, bliss...
    Love the pinky knitting - like a bowl of strawberry sorbet!!
    Hugs, LLJ ~xx