Monday, September 17, 2012

Gardeners Can't Seem to Get Out of Their Beds!

I would have loved to stay in my bed all day today! That is, my garden bed...but we had a cold rainy weekend here in the Ozarks and this morning, my garden was soggy...very beaten up by the rain...full of buggie boos...and the grass was tall! (our mower broke down last week) Sooo...after a thorough coating of bug spray, I trudged back out to the garden beds in my soggy garden clogs and picked tomatoes, cut bouquets of herbs and zinnias and finally picked some beans! The beans are quite filled out--we should have picked them when they were young and tender, so now they'll all have to be dried out. But, I'm thinking it could be quite fun to see jars full of my own homegrown dried beans!

At this time of year, I am not taking one trip to the garden for granted. I savor every herb bouquet, tomato and flower I can still get my hands on. I have a constant bowl of fresh cherry tomatoes going in the fridge, and plenty of basil to toss in pasta and make bruschetta as long as the tomatoes hold out.

The garden doesn't look as pretty anymore...but it's still at work!

Here is a bouquet for you. May you be blissed and blessed as you eat something yummy, write your story, dream up a crafty thing and stitch up a little creativity.


  1. Oh I am here from WOYWW and could not resist saying that I love that picture of the flowers and that sentiment, I so love it. Sandy :)