Saturday, September 15, 2012

Loomyinous Flowers!

Once upon a time, I took a weaving class! That's right, the kind of weaving class involving a weaving studio and huge looms. Luminous looms! It was a Saturday morning class, and I really fell in love with weaving. All except for one thing--threading the loom! When you are working with a huge loom, threading the loom can take...oh...forever! So, it's no wonder that I've always wanted one of these little looms that you can make simple yarn flowers with. Finally, I bought one the other day, and I've been having so much fun!
It only takes minutes to make a little flower...and not much longer to make a bigger, layered flower.
Not even thinking, I happened to choose this variegated Sugar n Cream yarn, and it happened to be the scented kind! It smells like flowers--perfect!
For a little weaving kit--it comes with several looms for circles and squares.
Then the whole thing compacts nicely and travels well. Why didn't I get one of these flower looms long ago? I'm just imagining all the kinds of yarns and ribbons I can use on it to embellish both my fabric and paper projects.
So some of my first flowers were a little wonky as I was getting used to it, but I'm much faster now. Can't wait to move onto the squares! I'm a dream weaver!

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  1. My daughter will love this, what a wonderful color yarn.. Sandy :)