Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Fresh Bouquet Makes It All Okay

Cutting...sewing...cleaning...canning...shopping...dining out...watching the rain on the sunporch...gathering flowers and herbs in the sun...getting the Monday night blues--that's how you know you've had a fabulous three-day weekend! Labor Day is really the traditional winding-down of summer weekend, and our stores had some of the best sales I've ever seen. My daughter found the cutest dress, which she almost bought back in June for 40 dollars...and this weekend she got it for eight! We had coupons for $14 freebies at Bath and Body Works (got my Aromatherapy Night Time Tea body lotion), and I found a fabulous bag at the mall. Saturday it poured rain, and the garden was still soaked on Monday. That was a good thing! Getting a break from watering the garden meant more me time!

When we were shopping Target, I had to take a photo of these Andy Warhol label Campbell Soups. How cute are these! I could see them displayed in a cute pantry--very kitchy.
I also snapped a quick pic of this pillow. I wanted to buy it...but then I thought, I can make that! It's the crafter's curse...you always think you can make it too!

At the end of the weekend I found myself canning three quart jars of tomatoes off the vine, and cutting dozens of zinnias from the cutting garden. I love fresh bouquets around the house--it's my treat to distract myself from the fact that summer is trying to leave me!

It has been so dry this summer, we are just now having to mow and trim in the yard, and it is very hot and humid--but that's okay. I don't mind the humidity if God is watering my garden! And I don't mind the heat, because I'm still wearing my embroidered cutoffs! (I'm a little crazy...I know.)

My other huge accomplishment is a deep cleaning and reorganizing in my craft corner. I threw things out, and got my projects all put away, nice and neat, but yet still accessible as I work on each thing. AND, my wonderful hubby is busy building a set of craft shelves for me, for some additional storage. I struggle with wanting everything out so I can work on it, but wanting things put away so I am surrounded by my clean spaces. It kind of helped that there was a "Hoarders" marathon on the TV while I was doing this! Definite motivation. But it was really nice to get up Monday morning and see my clean spaces! I drank coffee on the greenhouse with hubby...got on the treadmill with some new DVDs...had breakfast...canned the small batch of tomatoes...and embellished a hat my daughter knitted for me. Happy. It's nice to have a Monday holiday at home. I feel re-energized for the week and I'm ready to stitch and paint! And if nothing else...I have a bouquet, people. I'd rather have flowers on my table, than pearls around my neck.

Eat what you love. Write what you like. Dream as you wish. Stitch what you dream.


  1. How funny - my WOYWW post tomorrow echoes that last sentiment you've written!! I couldn't agree more. I sold a gold chain and bracelet and bought a greenhouse with the proceeds!! Guess which I love more?? I am a happy woman out in my garden, watching the bees buzz around all my flowers.

  2. Great post and beautiful photos. I love the cushion.

    Sarah x