Friday, September 7, 2012

My Art Is My Life--Even When I'm Doing the Dishes!

A pot of parsley I planted in July
Life goes by pretty fast sometimes. That's why I highly recommend planting seeds, whenever and wherever you can. It endlessly fascinates me that while my life is going busily are the seeds I planted. It's as if it helps slow things down a bit--a seed can't grow THAT fast. But grow it does. So while you're in your lovely corner, painting, stitching, might have a seed on the porch, growing. Like a wonderful landscape painting to color the background of your beautiful life. It draws you to it--so you're sure to come out of your creative corner and experience some sunshine and rain. Then, you can take it all back to your creations. Of course, you come out again--pick up a child, do laundry, do dishes...outside your little seeds are turning into plants...your art is growing smile. You might be too tired tonight to paint or stitch--but you know it's waiting for you. And so is your little pot of seedlings.
My parsley pot--a few weeks later
My parsley pot this past weekend. Recipe ready!

"At night, I watch TV with my husband and we laugh and I make a cat. We'll go on a car trip, and I'll bring a bag of bodies with me. I work sporadically all day long: washing dishes then making three cat bodies; working in the garden then painting some pumpkin heads. My art isn't separate from my life. It is my life."
--Christy Silacci, an artist who turns old towels, buttons, tins, and rags into little friends

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  1. I love the quotation at the end. Sadly it's hard to simultaneously craft while planning lessons!