Thursday, September 13, 2012

Change Is One of the Things You Can Count On

Here I am, sipping coffee, thinking about all the changes that happen every year. This year my daughter started college and she's making all those transitions we go through after we graduate from high school...I'm trying to gracefully transition into fall (being a summer lover I have to try harder)...I'm noticing a few more lines on the face here and there, but discovered a fabulous new night time moisturizer--we'll see how that goes! I was combing my sweet kitty, Minnie, and realized how many gray hairs she has! Eek! She's ten years old. I love her dearly. Our backyard deck is falling apart--it's time to have a new one built. That's going to be a lot of time and money--but I would be pretty happy next summer, sitting on a new deck! of next summer already? I'm still picking tomatoes! I was happy to get plenty of cherry tomatoes yesterday, from just one plant, and I can savor those with my lunches all week! It's turkey wrap week in the ole lunch pantry--I do love a veggie-filled turkey wrap. I think my lunches have themes each week! I think, though, what I want to do, most of all, is have a few calm days where I feel really good and can sit and paint, craft, sew, and let my ideas really saturate my mind and flow through the pages and projects on my desk in a beautiful new way. I don't mind that kind of change--the creative kind, where it swirls around you, and almost lifts you up and revives your way of thinking. This is why we do what we do.

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."

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  1. Great post as always Sandy. Great phots. My cat has a few grey hairs aswell - he's 11 and I have quite a few myself - well hidden of course! Have a great day!

    Sarah x