Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Never Know Who's Behind You

The cutest little puddin' cups at a party I went to last weekend.

We had so much fun last weekend! My husband is a Tent Theatre alumni, and this wonderful theatre program was celebrating its 50th anniversary with a big reunion all weekend. At registration you got your cute orange tote bag filled with t-shirts, tickets, cups, and goodies. And then it was off to the parties all afternoon, themed after the different decades of shows. We were at the eighties party and it was really fun--lots of good food and great friends around. There are some famous and fabulous actors who have come out of our university's Tent Theatre program. We saw actor John Goodman around at the reunion quite a bit. I was also hoping to see Tess Harper, a Tent alum, and one of my favorite actresses--but did not spy her. I really don't like to bother celebrities and run up to them for a picture if I don't really know them (well, okay, I'd run up to Tess Harper), so it was kinda funny when my husband and I took a phone pic of ourselves getting ready to watch Tent's production of "42nd Street" Sunday night of the reunion, and there was John G. a few rows behind us! We noticed this in the photo way after the fact. Ooops. It was really fun being in the audience of Tent Theatre alums, though. These people really appreciated the show, and especially all the wonderful tap dancing! Ahhh. I love a good weekend. And I love a pudding cup with more whip cream than pudding!

Eat, Write, Dream, and Stitch Yourself Happy.

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